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Whenever You Want Me (2013 Unreleased)

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New DirectionsWill and Bree. Movin' Out Anthony's Song. Blaine and Sam with New Directions. Blaine with Spotlight Diner patrons. Just the Way You Are. RachelSantanaSamBlaine and Kurt.

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Don't Rain On My Parade. I Believe in a Thing Called Love. Elliott and Kurt. ArtieWhenever You Want Me (2013 Unreleased) and Tina with New Directions. BlaineSam and Tina. Elliott and Rachel. Don't You Forget About Me. Will and Emma. ElliottRachel and Santana. City of Angels EP. Raise Your Glass. April and Will with New Directions and Alumni. Glee: The Music, Celebrating Episodes. QuinnBrittany and Santana. Defying Gravity. MercedesRacheland Kurt. Santana and Brittany with New Directions and Alumni.

Keep Holding On. Puck with New Directions and Alumni. Mercedes and Kurt. Holly with WillAlumni and New Directions. Loser Like Me. ArtieBlaineSam and Tina. Quinn and Puck. WillAlumni and New Directions. ArtieBlaineKurtRachel and Sam. Blaine and Elliott. Don't Sleep in the Subway. Artie and Rachel. Not While I'm Around. These reports are filled with interesting stuff. Book 2 of the final reports refers to an apparent attempt to blackmail Martin Luther King, Jr.

Final Report — Book 2. Final Report — Book 3. Hearings — Volume 6. These are unpublished notes written by the late John A. Keel was at the peak of his investigative prowess. These accounts of organized stalking — apparently perpetrated by U. Consequently, it does not seem far-fetched that federal agents might have investigated and intimidated individuals who were closely monitoring unusual aircraft activity UFOs.

Here are the notes. Since they were apparently not intended for publication, and since they are posted in a somewhat confusing format regarding sequence, I recommend that you disregard the entry numbers and part numbers and section numbers, Whenever You Want Me (2013 Unreleased) just read through them in this order:.

Webpage 1 Webpage 2 Webpage 3. Despite its mission statement, the long list of moral and legal transgressions by the CIA includes spying on Americans based on their political beliefs in the past and recentlyand — in the case of Project MK Ultra — performing secret unethical experiments on Americans.

Whatever your assessment of the possible nature and scope of illegal counterintelligence activities currently taking place in the U. In Project MKUltra, which ran from the early s until the early s, the CIA secretly conducted mind-control and interrogation experiments.

Many of the experiments were performed without the consent of the subjects, and in some cases without the subjects even being aware that they were being used for experimentation. Methods that were tested included sensory deprivation, isolation, hypnosis, verbal and sexual abuse, electrical shocks, and the administration of drugs and substances which caused confusion, brain damage, blistering, and paralysis.

First-hand testimony, fragmentary government documents and court records show that at least one participant died, others went mad, and still others suffered psychological damage after participating in the project, known as MK Ultra. The above summary of MK Ultra from The Times should be viewed as a conservative estimate of the scope of the program. Experiments were performed at dozens of colleges and universities, hospitals, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies in the U. Keep that in mind when you evaluate the plausibility that a widespread program of organized stalking could exist without being compromised by various officials at private and public institutions and organizations.

In the mids the program was exposed by the U. These are descriptions of some of the of the experiments performed by Dr. Ewen Cameron, a psychiatrist paid by the CIA to study brainwashing:. When the signal was given, a switch was thrown, causing her frail body to stiffen then convulse uncontrollably from electroshock forty times more intense than was considered safe.

Another patient, this one an older man, was kept in a drug-induced state for several months while being forced to listen to an audiotaped message twelve to sixteeen hours per day. A series of bombings perpetrated from to killed three people and injured 23 others.

The university and the psychiatric establishment had been willing accomplices in an experiment that had treated human beings as unwitting guinea pigs, and had treated them brutally. Marks, a former Foreign Service Officer with the U. State Department. Calls for a new Church Committee-type Investigation. Although the investigations succeeded in shining a light on the extreme abuses of power by U.

Arguably, the situation today is much worse than it was in the era of J. Surveillance technologies are now vastly more sophisticated, and there has been an enormous expansion of both the size and power of the public and private sectors of the spying industry. Oversight of domestic covert operations is minimal. An article at Salon in July offor example, addressed the issue:.

Here is a partial list of the calls for new hearings to investigate the scope of illegal domestic spying and other such crimes:. Members of the original Church Committee March 17, Since the late s they have been used for infiltrating criminal organizations — and groups which are deemed to be politically subversive. The most famous example of Red Squad-type activity was in Chicago in when police officers and private security agents working for the Pinkerton Detective Agency used spying and violence to suppress a labor rights movement.

That culminated in a violent riot at a labor rally in the Haymarket Square. When it was over, 7 policemen and at least 4 workers were dead. As many as 70 people were injured approximately 60 of them police officers. After a trial — which was widely viewed as unfair — 8 labor activists were convicted for their alleged role in the violence.

Of the 8 laborers, 4 were executed by hanging, 1 committed suicide, and 3 received prison sentences. The incident also led to the creation of the first official Red Squad. Police officers killed for being paid thugs?

Historical information about the Haymarket affair is insufficient to make any assessment of how many — if any — of the seven police officers killed in the Haymarket Riot, or how many of the approximately 60 police officers injured, were corrupt goons terrorizing laborers on behalf of the Chicago political establishment.

There is no way to say, in other words, to what extent the officers who were injured and killed might have been what gang stalking victims in the U. The article explains how other cities — the piece focuses on Los Angeles in particular — have also been infested with Red Squads, and that efforts to eradicate these secret police gangs have been unsuccessful:.

Inthe P. After the grand-jury revelations, the P. Well-researched studies of Red Squads — most notably, Protectors of Privilege by civil rights lawyer Frank Donner — show that federal, state, and local governments, and the business community, have often used red squads as political enforcers and corporate mercenaries.

In many cases the targets are labor unions, leftists, and other dissidents. Indeed, the Chicago police were as much the minions of the business community as hired Pinkertons. They were ostensibly created to combat terrorism, but have been used mostly to infiltrate and suppress liberal and radical political organizations and civil rights groups. They lift their members out of the routine of police work into something of a James Bond life….

The elite Red squads work on their own, usually reporting directly to the chief, operating outside normal department procedures. Ostensibly, the role of Red Squads has been to keep the public safe from criminal and terrorist organizations, although historically red squads have often been more involved in dishing out terror than preventing it.

Although many individuals targeted by organized stalking in the U. A commemorative statue of a policeman was erected in Haymarket Square in On the 41 st anniversary of the Haymarket affair — in — a streetcar driver apparently crashed into the monument intentionally.

The statue was restored and eventually re-located. In the statue was destroyed by a bomb. Inafter it was re-built, it was blown up again. Apparently, not everyone is a fan of cops who serve as corporate thugs. The current version of the statue resides at the Chicago Police Department headquarters.

Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units. In addition to maintaining a system of sharing criminal intelligence, LEIU provides training and technical assistance to its members. Organized stalking is a set of counterintelligence tactics rather than a specific program. News articles, books, anecdotal accounts, and government reports cited throughout the Fight Gang Stalking website suggest that the tactics are used by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, and by U.

Many of those reports about organized stalking also make clear that the operations are sometimes initiated for corporate or political agendas, and for purely personal vendettas. Regardless of exactly how the majority of organized stalking operations are perpetrated, it is inconceivable that members of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units LEIUs would not be aware of those operations — if not participating in them or even orchestrating them. A major red flag is the fact that the LEIU association is a quasi-governmental entity.

Although the group received federal funding to create a networked database of criminal intelligence to share among its members, it is a private, tax-exempt organization, and therefore mostly independent of any real oversight.

The LEIU maintains a very low profile outside the law enforcement community; few people in the general public are even aware of its existence. Civil liberties groups familiar with the LEIU have expressed serious concerns about the lack of any external accountability for its activities, such as its handling of sensitive intelligence. Media reports about the LEIU began to emerge in the s.

The article — a copy of which is posted at the end of this section — is a remarkable piece of journalism. Yet the existence of the LEIU and the nature of its activities remained — and still remains — mostly below the radar of the press and the American public. For anyone familiar with reports of organized stalking in the U.

He noted that in many cases, even other police officers were often unaware of the nature of the intelligence units:. In fact, the Baltimore cops were themselves targets of ISD spying when they went out on strike in ; undercover officers from the unit photographed policemen as they walked picket lines outside their station houses…. Reportedly, when LEIUs are in danger of having their crimes exposed by state investigations and grand juries, they apparently make sure that attorneys, reporters, and witnesses are controlled and intimidated — including even their own members:.

You guys are so busy worrying about constitutional rights, along with the Communists, that they are going to take us over. A former Baltimore vice-squad officer told the Maryland Senate investigating committee that the intelligence squad routinely installed illegal telephone taps with the aid of an ex-cop who worked for the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company. In another incident mentioned in the article, Chicago police intelligence officers used blackmail to coerce employees of Illinois Bell to cooperate in illegal wiretapping.

Telephone company cooperation in illegal wiretapping is just one example of a long history of complicity of American corporations in government programs involving spying and lying. The Federal Privacy Protection Study Commission recently heard testimony from such companies as American Express and Sheraton Hotels, in which they admitted that they routinely surrendered information about their clients and guests to law-enforcement officers on a simple oral request, without requiring a court order.

The nature of the LEIU was — and still is — a perfect design for the abuse of power: a secretive private Whenever You Want Me (2013 Unreleased) with government funding, police powers and secret files on citizens across the country. The group has essentially no civilian oversight because it is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. LEIU is a perfect weapon to use against an individual who crosses anyone with connections to it.

Some of the organizational structure and procedures have no doubt changed in the past few decades, although the group is still shrouded in secrecy, so it is difficult to know exactly how it might differ now — apart from its use of digital databases and more technologically advanced spy gear. Agencies at all levels of government often have tribal attitudes toward other agencies. Each branch of the military, for example, tends to pursue its own agenda to a certain extent while simultaneously working to support a common goal of national security.

The federal intelligence community also has well-known rivalries between agencies, each of which desires to see its relative prestige and influence maximized. Those turf battles exist in the law enforcement community as well of course; sometimes there are tensions between the FBI and local police for example.

It would be impossible for the feds to be unaware of widespread use of organized stalking by local police — and vice versa. Their silence on the issue implies that the feds approve of what is happening. The material in the Published News Reports section of this overview indicates that federal agencies use the same tactics against targeted individuals themselves — just as they were caught doing in the Cointelpro era. Army Intelligence. Many accounts of organized stalking include reports of sophisticated electronic surveillance, black bag operations, and exotic weapons.

Army Intelligence, which in the recent past has shown a disturbing propensity for spying on Americans, is more than a little chummy with the local cops in many cities. The Army trained several Baltimore intelligence-squad officers in techniques of electronic eavesdropping and surreptitious entry at its Fort Holabird spy school in Maryland. In return, the Baltimore cops passed along many of their intelligence reports to the army. The previously-mentioned Operation CHAOS was shut-down inafter the exposure of other conspiracies such as Cointelpro and the Watergate break-in.

Incidentally, the Watergate break-in also had a CIA connection — the exact nature of which is still not clear according to some reports. What is not disputed though is that a key figure in the break-in, Howard Hunt, was a former career CIA officer, and one of the burglars, Eugenio R.

Another accomplice, Alfred C. At a minimum, the Watergate break-in showed that in America, corrupt politicians and corrupt corporate executives can draw upon a deep supply of corrupt ex-spies and corrupt ex-law enforcement agents to perform illegal special assignments as mercenaries. Because of the excessive secrecy surrounding CIA operations, little is known about its domestic activities.

In its charter, the CIA was prohibited from spying against Americans…. The agency has given the Fairfax cops training in electronic surveillance, surreptitious entry, lockpicking, safecracking, and explosives. It has provided equipment and personnel to assist the police department in several of its investigations. The break-in was led by the chief of the police department himself. Such collusion among various agencies and corporations to perpetrate crimes against American citizens is a deep corruption of democracy, as the author notes:.

It is an aggregation of police power beyond the direct control of the democratic process. The potential for abuse of power when the agency is privately-run is even greater. Leaks to the Mob. Most of the article posted at the above link is behind a subscription paywall.

A dozen activists were arrested, and police used pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. A January article in Wired magazine described it this way:. Which is worse depends on what you prefer. That finesse helped the Stasi quell dissent, but it also fostered a pervasive and justified paranoia. The interrogation center where some of the psychological torture methods of Zersetzung were refined. These are the isolation cells in the Hohenschoenhausen Prison in Berlin — which is now a museum.

By the s, the Stasi had decided that methods of overt persecution which had been employed up to that time, such as arrest and torture, were too crude and obvious. It was realised that psychological harassment was far less likely to be recognised for what it was, so its victims, and their supporters, were less likely to be provoked into active resistance, given that they would often not be aware of the source of their problems, or even its exact nature.

This often included psychological attacks such as breaking into homes and messing with the contents — moving furniture, altering the timing of an alarm, removing pictures from walls or replacing one variety of tea with another. Usually victims had no idea the Stasi were responsible. Many thought they were losing their minds, and mental breakdowns and suicide could result. One great advantage of the harassment perpetrated under Zersetzung was that its subtle nature meant that it was able to be denied.

That was important given that the GDR was trying to improve its international standing during the s and 80s. For more information on the psychological torture methods used by the Stasi — many of which are being used today in the U. Counterintelligence tactics used by the Stasi were remarkably similar to the tactics now being reported by victims of ongoing Cointelpro harassment in the U.

The writer Juergen Fuchs was convinced before his death this month that he had been deliberately exposed to high levels of radiation by the East German secret police, the Stasi, which could have caused his terminal cancer….

Some of them were surprised to find powerful X-ray equipment there — not, as you might expect, in the medical centres, but in the rooms where prisoners had their photographs taken….

Thomas Auerbach works as a scientific researcher for the main authority investigating the Stasi. He saw X-ray equipment himself when he was taking part in a sit-in in an East German prison. He has seen the documents which show that a variety of experiments were being carried out involving the potential uses of radiation as a means of poison and sabotage. He believes that instead of X-rays, it was highly likely that radioactive isotopes were used to try to induce cancer in prisoners.

Books and Films about the Stasi. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the book has not been translated into English. Zersetzung was the term used by the Stasi to describe the psychological operations psyops element of their counterintelligence subversion.

The objective was to emotionally and socially destroy individuals who were perceived as dissidents, and to do so in a manner which would not be obvious to others. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an English language translation of this book. Similarly, the documentary based on this book does not seem to be available with English subtitles. Here is a New York Times review of the movie. A man who was a target of the Stasi describes the infamous agency.

In this minute TED speech given in Berlin in JuneHubertus Knabe, a German historian who was a victim of the Stasi he was under surveillance for smuggling banned booksdescribes the infamous secret police agency, and its system of Zersetzung. Tour the deep dark world of the East German state security agency known as Stasi. Uniquely Whenever You Want Me (2013 Unreleased) at spying on its citizens, until the fall of the Berlin Wall in the Stasi masterminded a system of surveillance and psychological pressure that kept the country under control for decades.

Hubertus Knabe studies the Stasi — and was spied on by them. He shares stunning details from the fall of a surveillance state, and shows how easy it was for neighbor to turn on neighbor. Here is a transcript of the speech posted at the TED website. The TED website showed that as of Septemberthis video had already been viewed overtimes.

Mielke presided over a network of 85, full-time domestic spies andcivilian informants. Well-documented historical and contemporary reporting — including some of the examples cited in the Published News Reports section of this overview — suggest that organized stalking is used by various foreign intelligence services and law enforcement agencies. Two mainstream news articles I posted in the Cointelpro News page of this website October 10, and May 31, are about gang stalking tactics used by intelligence and law enforcement agencies in Northern Ireland and Canada.

Incidentally, the U. Anectdotal evidence of the use of organized stalking by other Western governments also includes accounts such as this self-published book about gang stalking allegedly perpetrated on behalf of the Dutch royal family. From my perspective, another indication of the international scope of gang stalking is the Internet traffic and emails to this website from countries all over the world. Based on my personal experience and numerous accounts by self-proclaimed victims, organized stalking occurs across the U.

Similarly, international cooperation among law enforcement and intelligence agencies means that moving from the U. A quick note on that point: anyone in America who is considering moving to another country to escape illegal stalking by the U. K, Australia, and New Zealand. She ultimately moved to Spain to find refuge. Unfortunately for the criminals, traitors, and greedy contractors who run the U. Williams revealed that those agencies use sock puppets to monitor social media and to spread false information on the Internet — a claim which has also been confirmed by other sources.

Hacked emails from intelligence contractors, for example, revealed elaborate disinformation schemes using sock puppets, and a smoking-gun NSA document leaked by Edward Snowden proved that the NSA collaborates with its British counterpart GCHQ to systematically spread lies the same way. In some cases, an investigation could also reveal that the target is unsuitable for gang stalking because he or she has connections and resources which would enable the target to fight back.

As noted above, overt stalking is a prime example. Stalking was one of the tactics used by the FBI in their subversion campaign against the actress Jean Seberg during their Cointelpro operations, for example. After years of such harassment she committed suicide. Another tactic — also used during Cointelpro against various targeted individuals — was slander. An investigation provides a legally bullet-proof opportunity to slander the victim. If an investigator quietly begins questioning persons associated with a targeted individual co-workers, friends, etc.

The more you know about someone, the more you can control and manipulate them in all sorts of ways. That is one reason a Surveillance State is so menacing to basic political liberties. As with investigations, the surveillance element of organized stalking involves the same tactics used around the world by many private investigators, intelligence agents, and law enforcement personnel: black bag jobs, electronic surveillance phone wiretaps, hacking of personal computers, listening devices, spy cameras, GPS-monitoring of vehicle location, etc.

Harassment a. Gang stalkers seek to keep their victim in a constant state of agitation and hyper-vigilance so that he or she will find it almost impossible to function. This serves multiple purposes. For one thing, it makes it hard for the individual to pose a threat to the client of the gang stalkers — whether that is a corporation or a government. Note that — as discussed in detail elsewhere in this website — the distinction between corporations and the government is often meaningless in America, given the vast industry of private intelligence contractors with secret clearances, the use of the FBI and other agencies to serve corporate interests, and the lucrative revolving-door nature of employment between the public and private spheres in law enforcement and intelligence.

This is another obvious purpose of gang stalking: income for the perpetrators. Another function of gang stalking is to exact revenge against the victim. Stalking is a form of extra-judical punishment for anyone who crosses someone with connections to the vast homeland security infrastructure. Constant surveillance of targeted individuals described above is also an element of subversion.

Anyone who knows that he or she is under constant surveillance will not only be inhibited from acting against the interests of the client of the gang stalkers, he or she will also find it difficult to fight back against the harassment or evade the surveillance itself because many efforts at counter-measures will be observed by the stalkers. In addition, anyone who is aware that he or she is constantly being watched by illegal spying will suffer the emotional trauma caused by having virtually no privacy.

Slander, verbal abuse, noise, threats by strangers, constant surveillance, and other tactics, performed daily over a period of years will cause psychological torture, social isolation, and financial destruction. Historical origins of psychological torture methods. Some of the psychological operations tactics described below have ancient roots. For example, the use of noise to torment enemies dates back to the warfare of early civilizations — including the siege of Jericho in the Old Testament.

Apparently, noise is still used in U. Several of these concepts were documented by the sociologist Albert D. Biderman, in a journal article about coercive interrogation methods used by the Chinese to obtain confessions from American prisoners during the Korean War. Tactics chosen for their lack of evidence. For the most part, organized stalking tactics are chosen for their lack of directly observable and legally persuasive evidence. The idea is to completely destroy someone without leaving fingerprints.

Intelligence-gathering and policing are often done in ways that make it inherently difficult to prove misconduct. But for gang stalking victims, these things happen constantly — which becomes a form of real psychological torture, which must be experienced to comprehend. Below are the primary tactics associated with counterintelligence subversion. Keep in mind that, by all accounts, a gang stalking campaign starts employing these tactics long before the victim has any clue that he or she is being systematically targeted.

Many of the early instances of harassment are only understood by the victim later when the whole process becomes clear.

By that point, often the harassment and slandering might have been going on for years. As mentioned above, an investigation — or even the pretense of an investigation — is a perfect opportunity to slander a target. Sometimes slander in a counterintelligence operation can be much more aggressive.

That case is noteworthy both because it involved a high-profile target — Seberg was a successful actress in the prime of her career — and also because internal FBI memos and news reports explicitly revealed that they were deliberately spreading lies about her. Tactics used in the spying-and-lying industry are unfamiliar to the general public.

If you doubt that, watch this video clip of an ABC program which features a demonstration of how easily citizens can be recruited to assist in crimes against strangers. A tactic closely related to slander is blacklisting. For centuries blacklists have been used to identify and discriminate against individuals and organizations deemed to be undesirable. The tactic is perfectly suited to counterintelligence subversion because it undermines the targeted individual in a way that will likely force the victim to be preoccupied with economic survival rather than political activism or whistle-blowing.

The abuse involves slandering and isolating an employee and verbal abuse. Apparently, this is a common element of gang stalking campaigns against targeted individuals. Since the tactic is apparently widespread — and since it is apparently connected in some cases to workplace violence — I have devoted the entire next section to it in this overview.

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Retrieved 22 October Business Week. Industry sources say the queen of Latin pop will lend her name to a new line of clothing, shoes, and cosmetics for Kmart. Although unknown to many English-speaking Americans, Thalia pronounced Tah-lee-ah ISSN Retrieved 19 September El Universo. TVyNovelas in Spanish.

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