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Tippy Toeing - Various - The Best Of Country and Western Vol. 2 (Vinyl, LP)

Even though neither she nor the doctors talked to Bill about the seriousness of his condition, she knew he was aware of everything. By fall, Bill's condition worsened. The doctors had Tippy Toeing - Various - The Best Of Country and Western Vol. 2 (Vinyl on him twice. They told Evelyn that if they operated a third time, it would leave Bill a vegetable.

The last week of his life, Bill lapsed into a semicoma. He didn't say much toward the end. He smiled at his wife Evelyn and squeezed her hand. On October 22,Evelyn and other family members were sitting in the hospital room with Bill when the nurse looked in on them. They had been there about eight hours that day. The nurse suggested they to get something to eat. After eating, they returned to the room, but Bill Black was dead.

The funeral, they returned to the room, but Bill was dead. Scotty Moore and his wife, Bobbie went to the funeral with D. Fontana and his wife, Barbara. Scotty and D. Afterward, they went out to Graceland to commiserate with Elvis. Everyone was stunned by Bill's unexpected death. No one knew quite what to say. After two operations and lengthy hospital stays, Black died of a brain tumor at the age of thirty-nine.

His death occurred during his third operation that doctors had hoped would eradicate the tumor once and for all. Elvis Presley was criticised for not attending the funeral, but he believed that his presence would turn it into a media frenzy.

He decided instead to visit the family privately after the service to express his condolences. According to Louis Black, Presley said, "If there's anything that y'all need, you just let me know and it's yours''.

Ritter loses his guitar, several hunting rifles and new cowboy outfits made in England and Hong Kong. On an encore, Junior reprises his daddy's classic ''Wabash Cannonball''. Elvis Presley receives a speeding ticket in Memphis, Tennessee. ABC's ''Shindig! Per usual, Glen Campbell plays guitar as a member of the house band.

Charlie Louvin goes back to the recording studio for the first time since the death of his brother and former duet partner, Ira Louvin. The Who release ''My Generation''. Ronnie Milsap marries Joyce Reeves. Sandy Rogers, the adopted son of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, dies from choking on his own vomit after an alcohol binge in Frankfurt, West Germany, where he was stationed with the Army.

Known for its complicated and shocking plot lines, the drama chronicled the fictional trials and tribulations of modern American families. During the s, the show was recognized for tackling controversial and important subjects of the time like interracial relationships and fertility issues.

Kris Kristofferson arrives in Nashville, where he takes a job as a janitor at the Columbia Recording Studios.

The gig is an intermediate step before he becomes one of the town's most influential songwriters. Decca Records released Wilma Burgess' first hit, ''Baby''. Porter Wagoner recorded ''Skid Row Joe''. George Jones performs at a nightclub in La Porte. The next morning, fan club secretary Jacqueline Young is found strangled to death in a pasture outside of town.

Naomi Judd's brother, Brian, dies of tumors at age Texas Tayler and Rick Nelson. A sign of the times, Chet Atkins comes out in favor of stereo in The Tennessean, ''Everything sounds better in stereo It makes everything sound more life-like''. Decca Records released Loretta Lynn's gospel album ''Hymns''. Ferlin Huskey recorded ''Once''. Show'', a TV special that airs in January next year.

One of the pioneers of western swing, he established the fiddle's role in the genre during his tenure with Milton Brown's Musical Brownies. The show represents the final appearance of fiddler, who dies at a post-show party at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.

Some of the film was based on Rudolh Valentino's ''The Sheik'' released in The film was released in Europe as ''Harem Holiday''. Mandolin player Adam Steffey is born in Tennessee.

Inhe helps form the bluegrass band The Boxcars. Guitarist James Burton also contributes ''Yakety Axe''. The Rolling Stones perform at the Cincinnati Gardens.

The date is the first concert ever attended by future country radio personality and songwriter Gerry House. Five years later, the song emerges in country music in the hands of Sonny James. The film has been consistently ranked as one of the best movies ever created by critics but was banned in the USSR. Songwriter Casey Beathard is born in Torrance, California. The Rolling Stones' Keith Richard is electrocuted on stage in Sacramento when his guitar touches the microphone.

It takes seven minutes to revive him. Bill and Bette Anderson have their second daughter, Jennifer Lane. On December 5, Billy Adams had been paid as session leader on demo recordings by a new singer in town, Dane Stinit. Adams made one unissued vocal at the time on a song titled ''Empire''. Dane Stinnett correct spelling later told Colin Escott he was from Kentucky but living in Indiana when, ''we went to Memphis for a party and Bettye Berger heard me sing and decided to take me to the Phillips studio to cut an album.

Sam Phillips came in and took over the controls from Stan Kesler right there on the spot and later signed me to a contract. I was surprised because we were just a little raggedy group''. Phillips must have agreed about Dane's band. He promptly added Billy Adams to the demo session and then Bill Yates as well to the formal session. Stinit's disc came out in may but by the time he recorded again, six months later, Billy Adams was off the label and Sun backed Stinit with a band drawn from the American Studio group by ace guitarist Reggie Young.

Composer: - Dave Stinit. Publisher: - Sun Entertainment. Matrix number: - None — Sun Unissued. Recorded: - December 5, Tippy Toeing - Various - The Best Of Country and Western Vol. 2 (Vinyl Donald Duck Dunn - Bass.

Bill Yates - Piano. Roy Acuff begins a one-week tour of South Vietnam, where he entertains American troops. Keyboard player Jerry Hughes is born. The episode also features Rich Little and Louis Armstrong. The Byrds perform ''Mr. Tambourine Man'' and ''Turn! The tour moves on to other Pacific ports until after New Years.

Also appearing, comedian George Gobel. It is one of the very few songs of the s to cast the military in a positive light and in it became a major hit, reaching number 1 for five weeks on the Billboard Hot and four weeks on Cash Box. Ultimately, the song was named Billboard's number 1 single for the year It was also a crossover smash, reaching number 1 on Billboard's Easy Listening chart and number 2 on Billboard's Country survey.

One verse was written in honor of Gabriel, but it never made it into the final version. Green Berets" is currently used as one of the four primary marching tunes of the Fighttin' Texas Aggie Band. The movie ''Doctor Zhivago'' debuts in America theaters.

John Hartford won four Grammy Awards with the song. It was released in June as the only single from the album of the same name.

It was re-released in July to more success. Glen Campbell's version has received over 5 million plays on the radio. Dean Martin's version, recorded inwas a major hit in the United Kingdom; three versions of the song, Campbell's, Martin's and Patti Page's, all reached the top ten of the U.

Easy Listening chart in Porter Wagoner's son, Richard, reports for service in the Army, which eventually leads him to Vietnam. Porter Wagoner moves out of his Nashville home, permanently separating from his wife, Ruth, although they don't officially divorce for 20 years.

Girlfriend Priscilla Beaulieu gives him a slot-car track. He's hospitalized at Clay County Hospital with a fractured jaw, broken arms and other minor infuries. Shortly after, he buys half of the farm, starting down a road in business that will find him the owner of his own sausage company. Buck Owens' instrumental ''Buckaroo'' begins a two-week reign atop the Billboard country singles chart.

Porter Wagoner is separated from his wife, Ruth. They don't get officially divorced for another 21 years. Johnny Cash pleads guilty to drug possession in El Paso, Texas, where he was busted in October with over 1, pills.

A related newspaper photo leads the Ku Klux Klan to boycott Cash concerts under the misguided premise that Cash's wife is black. Doctor Ross's final single for Devora Brown was back of the Fortune label and numbered somewhat out of sequence.

Fortune had issue number in for ''Crazy Bop'' by the Earthquakes. Now, for some reason, the number was re-employed in the service of Isaiah Ross. It is unclear quite when Ross made the disc but it was probably part of a longer session or sessions during the s that were collected onto a Fortune LP in Novembercredited to Doctor Ross - The Harmonica Boss with the Disciples Messengers of Soul.

The sound of the LP is a typically muddy Fortune jumble, perhaps overdubbed in an apparent attempt to bring Ross's sound into the world of soul and revivalist blues. The single may have been issued as early as if the issue number was in fact a mistake linked to the matrix numbering, but newspaper reports from refer to the single being due for issue at that time.

However, the mid and lates saw the start of a period of renewed acclamation for Isaiah Ross - and this approval was gained from a whole new audience. Composer: - Isaiah Ross. Publisher: - Trianon Publications. Matrix number: F First appearance: - Fortune Records S 45rpm Fortune mono.

Composer: - John Sonny Boy Williamson. Doctor Ross was suddenly rediscovered, or rather, discovered, or even reinvented, in the mids as a one-man band working to white audiences in the fold blues boom years. He made a number of highly praised albums and this was certainly when the Doctor's solo boogies gained in reputation both at home and LP) Europe.

The catalyst for this was a visit by researchers Pete Welding and Don Kent who traced Ross to Flint inarranged for him to play at a folk song festival at the University of Chicago, and recorded him as a one-man-band for Welding's Testament label.

As Welding wrote, his style of music, ''is poorly represented on record. Like black string band music, it was much more commonly practised and widely distributed through black America than its meager documentation would suggest''. This led to a tour in Europe in with a package known as the annual American Folk Blues Festival.

Ross went down so well it led to a number of additional albums and further tours in and During his first European tour he became known as The Flying Eagle because he acknowledged applause by spreading his arms out and doing a little bird-like dance. Ross worked the Ann Arbor Blues Festival in and made a few appearances at venues nearer home in his vacation time, all the while singing on at GM.

He became a regular in Europe, appearing for instance at a festival in Berlin in Fred Reif managed Ross for many years and said, ''He really seemed to love that job at GM, and they would occasionally let him off work to do tours''.

Interviewers and promoters reported mixed experiences when working with the Doctor. While he was appreciative of the efforts people made to promote and help him, he apparently became convinced that everyone from Sam Phillips on down had made money of him, he said in those later interviews that Phillips had ''made millions on my music and he put to all on Elvis'', and that he should have seen more money that he did for covers of his songs by Cream and others though often they really weren't his originals.

One promoter said, ''he was a nice guy but a strange guy, a bit of a space cadet, but a great musician. He just seemed somewhat disconnected from reality, a bit living in his own world. I found it hard to get him to take care of business. Once he backed out at the last minute, with the lame excuse that some no-account relative had stolen his passport''.

This is a contrast with the Ross of who, when he first came to London, was found by Blues Unlimited's interviewer Mike Tippy Toeing - Various - The Best Of Country and Western Vol. 2 (Vinyl, to be ''a charming and Tippy Toeing - Various - The Best Of Country and Western Vol. 2 (Vinyl modest fellow who doesn't boast or exaggerate'', and who says of Sam Phillips, ''we got our money, just the same'' whether he was making sessions for Chess or Sun. Promoter David J. Boyd met Ross in when he persuaded him to play at a free political concert in a park.

He then booked Ross into local clubs and found gigs for him on and off for 25 years. He said, ''We would often go through Doc's mail - Ross was mostly illiterate - and I'd help explain contract offers and the like''.

Boyd describes the day when Eric Clapton, ''sent Doc a telegram offering to send a limo to take him to a Clapton concert at the Pine Knob Music Theater. And that was that''. In other versions of this story, people have related how Ross described Clapton Turning up at Ross's house, being told to ''fuck off'', and chased away with a pistol.

Fred Reif had a similar baseball story. I had booked him for a few gigs in Italy one time and I get a call from the promoter there, on the day he was supposed to arrive. No Dr. So I gave him a call and he answers the phone. I was very upset because he missed his flight. He said he couldn't find his passport. I told him I would make the 30 mile trip down to Flint from Saginaw and help him in finding it. I get down there and he is watching a Tiger ballgame on the television.

I asked him where Tippy Toeing - Various - The Best Of Country and Western Vol. 2 (Vinyl should start looking. He said to go into his spare room, where it was filled with all kinds of stuff and basically all shoved to the middle of the room. There it was - his passport, just laying there in the middle of the floor. I told him he had to get on the next flight tomorrow, which he did, although he didn't really want to go. He would have wanted to stay home and watch more of the Tigers on television''.

Boyd says he was always being put off when he had a booking planned for Ross, who refused to give up his day job. So we were just waiting for the word, for him to say, 'Yeah, OK music is what I want to do. I'm out of the shop'. But he always found excuses. I think it was a good part of his life. It was a social life. One year before it was I don't know. President Bush may get re-elected and then I don't know what to do.

The year before that, it was 'The war in the middle east. I can't quit yet', as though the boys ain't gonna make it and the planes won't fly if he's not at work'? Rose made plans for Ross to act and perform in a feature-length fictional movie, Wayne County Rambling, and found Ross to be, ''exceedingly nice, and looking forward to our shooting. We had trouble raising funds, and decided to put on a fundraiser in NYC and he was going to perform at it.

Opening Ensemble Ukelele Lorelei Attempting to repeat that success, they once again combined the same book writers, Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson, with the Gershwin brothers. Tip-Toes was well received by audiences and the press, and ran for performances. It was given a subsequent production at the Winter Garden Theatre in London, opening August 31,running for performances.

In an era marked by lavish extravaganzas and brash star vehicles, Tell Me More, which opened on April 13,relied on charm, modesty, and an impish sense of humor. Because it failed to recoup its investment on Broadway, it was relegated to the list of Gershwin flops; because its score was largely forgotten, it has been widely regarded as a minor effort. In truth, it's a key show. As the only full-length collaboration between George and Ira Gershwin and B.

DeSylva, it combines the delicacy and grace of the scores George had written earlier in the decade with DeSylva and the bold wit he had pioneered in partnership with his brother Ira four months earlier in Lady, Be Good!

The best of both worlds, Tell Me More was a one-of-a-kind achievement. How to Order. International Shipping. Return Policy. Order Items by Catalog. View Catalogs Online. Tom McLaughlin. Lillian Mitchell. Telephone Operator. Elsie Neal. Alice O'Brien. Blanche O'Donohue. Marie Otto. Peggy Quinn. George Rand. Amy Revere. Peggy Schuyler. Queenie Smith. Jacques Stone. Andrew Tombes. Al Kaye. Flora Watson. Harry Watson. Hen Kaye. Betty Waxton. Ted White. Paulette Winston. Betty Wright. Waiting for the Train.

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    The Harden trio - brother and two sisters, had a unique sound with their 3-part harmonies that captured attention and kept it. There's no telling how any particular song will affect listeners, but it was no mystery to me that "Tippy Toeing" would cross over to be enjoyed by those whose musical tastes did not normally include such country fare.5/5(2).

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    Dec 19,  · Country Western Classic is a page dedicated to the country music we grew up on. It is mostly 50's, 60's country that you and your parents and or grand parents weaned us on. Saturday, December 19, Harden Trio - "Tippy Toeing" Posted by Dennis at PM. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post.

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