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The Liquor Your Older Friends Bought - Into It. Over It. - 52 Weeks (Vinyl, LP, Album)

He headed down to Texas to work with Burners Without Borders to assist in the rebuilding phase of storm recovery. Lloyd had a short, but illustrious movie career. Warner Bros. After a very public divorce, Gosselin took up jobs like a line cook at TGI Fridays and as a disc jockey and sometime stripper. After leaving acting, she became an author of three books. Foreman went from being one of the most elite boxers in the world to pitching an iconic product in infomercials.

His George Foreman Grills have gone on to earn him hundreds of millions of dollars. It definitely beats getting pummeled in the ring! Temple was the iconic child actress of the early 20th century. Eventually, she left acting at age 22 and got involved with politics. Little Superstar 7. Flat On The Floor 8. All I Ever Wanted 9. Stubborn also by BIM The Liquor Your Older Friends Bought - Into It.

Over It. - 52 Weeks (Vinyl Love Is The Knife Lord Help Me Mom' That is the record I am most proud of becuase it shows exactly what we could do as a band. IDM: I mean your lyrics were being changed a lot from time to time. From "Fuck your bullshit fashion show" LP emotional lyrics Greg: As I was saying earlier, when we started, I just wanted to be this cookie cutter straight edge band.

So the lyrics on the demo and first EP definitely are reflective of that. I have battled with depression and anxiety ever since I could remember and finally was able to put some of those feelings to tape.

It was theraputic in a way. Donny: Lyrics were never my department in One Up. That was always Greg's thing. There were a few lyrics I helped with from time to time. The one line I am still really proud of to this day is "You got to break your addictions before they break you" from the song Welcome To Cancer Country. As for the lyrics turning from more straight forward lyrics like "fuck your bullshit fashion show, X fists and energy is all I know" to something like "Choking, I'm choking on the inside.

Try to hide it on the outside" from Meet Me In Montauk which was an unreleased demo song. Again, those are refelections of our growth as not only a band but as people. No one is Posi all the time and it is almost impossible to be happy all the time.

Greg wrote the lyrics and I know that he drew from personal experiences in his life for a lot of the lyrics. He could explain the lyrics a lot better than I could thats for sure.

IDM: You worked with a lot of record labels. How did you get in contact with them? Donny: One Up was always luck and got to work with all of our friends record labels. Unfortunately, Robby stoped doing his record label shortly after that. Bottled Up Records is run by my very good friend Jeff Lasich. Most people know Bob because he was the genius behind the Positive Numbers Fest. I really miss that fest. It was like a hardcore vacation every year up to Wilkes-Barre, PA to hang out with all my friends from all over the US.

Anyway, back to your question. Shortly after our CD was released on Walk All Night Records Bob decided to stop doing the label for various reasons notice a pattern forming here? Jeff has always been one of our biggest supporters and he didn't get to see our last show so I was very happy and excited to see him at our reunion show. The label showed a lot of promise in the beginning, and if you think about it…Bob was pretty on the ball.

We wanted to be a part of that lineup so we signed on up. Bob was definitely the most professional dude we dealt with as far as labels go, it sucks that it never took off. Again, Phil has been a close friend of mine for years so it just made sense to have a record on his label. Why did you change your mind?

We pushed really hard to have it release as a CD first and a 7" later. Unfortunately, the later never came and it was never released on vinyl. Robby may do a limited press as part of a Dead By 23 box set one of these days. Oh well. IDM: Greg, I read you are satisfied with sound of "It's time to believe" but you don't like the vocal sound.

Greg: I just think my voice sucks on it. I felt like I kind of rushed into doing the vocals and needed to relax a little bit more. Could you share a few things behind the scenes about this photo? Donny: Well, I was the one taking the picture.

We drove to Brooke's sisters house to meed up with her and Comeback Kid. Her sister mentioned the hot tub and Phil, Fidge, Brian and Jude all were like "fuck yea!!!!

The funniest thing about that picture is the candles. The dudes in Comeback Kid came to the house around this time and were like "ummmmmmm ok.

It just reminds me of just one of the many great times I had with 5 of my friends while playing in One Up. Greg: Ah, that was a great time. She had this HUGE house and we stayed there with the guys from Comeback Kid, who were most likely super freaked out by us and our sense of humor.

They looked really uncomfortable being around us, which was funny. Anyway, her sister had this huge bathtub and Jude, Fidge, Brian and our friend Phil thought it would be funny to get in their underwear and bathe together. That made me sad. What inspired these lyrics? Greg: Like I was saying before, mainly just depression. My mother suffered from it since I was a kid and I guess it just was in my genes.

I remember during recording I slept basically the entire time…the guys had to wake me up to track vocals and then I went right back to sleep. Why didn't you look for a new bassplayer? Greg: We thought about it, believe me.

Plus we figured it was easier to split up the large amounts of money we received from playing shows and selling merch four ways instead of five kidding.

I remember we played our first show as a four piece on September 25, in Chalfont with Let Down and Cold World and then one year later to the day, we played our last show. Donny: Bass guitar was originally my first instrument that I learned.

Later on I learned how to play guitar. We originally wanted to find a bassist to take over bass duties but we couldn't think of anyone in our imediate circle of friends that would fit in and click with us. So since I was a bass player for many years I decided to make the switch. Honestly, the band sounded a million times better with me on guitar and Brian on bass. I may have been a better bassist that Brian, but he was an important part of the One Up sound and with out him we were not nearly as good.

What was the reason? Greg: Like all bands, we had this total overreaching concept for the LP. We were going to LP like musical interludes and noise track type things in between songs and just have the whole thing flow. We were hoping to have something recorded by the end of In addition to the songs that we recorded at Atomic to demo, we had a few others The Liquor Your Older Friends Bought - Into It.

Over It. - 52 Weeks (Vinyl around at practices, and one that we actually played live and never recorded. Why did we break up? Honestly, it was a bunch of reasons. I think we really wanted to take it to the next level and be a real band, like so many bands out there now.

Just play shows and record and play shows and record and so on. But the problem is, for us, we had too many outside obligations and whatnot and it just made it more difficult. We strayed too far from the original vision of the band too. So we kept on going, but after we sent those demos out and had no interest, it just sucked the life out The Liquor Your Older Friends Bought - Into It.

Over It. - 52 Weeks (Vinyl us. We wanted to do an LP so bad, but at that point we realised we were probably past our prime, so we announced that we were playing a few more shows. I knew for a fact that I wanted our last show to be at the Church, and we got that, so I was happy. Ironically, a few weeks after the band ended, I found out I was going to be a father, so my time would have been extremely limited anyway. Donny: We decided as a band we needed to get on a bigger label to continue doing this band.

For all the fun and good times One Up had over the years they didnt pay the bills. Online Dating. In a perfect world, you and your soulmate would bump into each other on the streets of Germany, lock eyes, and fall madly in love the next second. Dating Profile. Is online dating easier for single female expats in Germany than for their male counterparts? Dating Tips. I considered myself apart from the punk movement but Shari Famous is younger than me by about a decade so I always considered her a part of it and I was along for the ride.

We were champions of "new wave" when we first arrived in Hollywood - which I saw as a return to the minimalism of 60s rock and folk - but we adapted when we realized that the punk subculture in LA was much further along than NYC. They were really a very friendly bunch of punks anyway, Geza's "Kill the Hippies" aside. I started smoking pot in Ithaca and did some 60s psychedelics, but never got into the harder stuff.

I was pretty alcoholic for a while in Hollywood, but I also gave up hard liquor in Nowadays I drink Guinness socially and Diet Coke The Liquor Your Older Friends Bought - Into It. Over It. - 52 Weeks (Vinyl home. Weeds is dedicated to my pal Kronos Kronos and the Felching Vampires on Moxie Records - good luck finding a copy of that one!

I must have been pretty ripped when I recorded it because I "found" it while listening to old cassettes a couple of years ago. They were all Moxie Records. Like most independent labels in LA during that period, we were distributed by Bomp and another company Greenway, maybe?

I forget the name. Shari did all the placing. She could sell anything. Incidentally, she later married Richard Foos, one of the two owners of Rhino Records and is now a practicing psychologist in Beverly Hills. Who woulda' thunk? I haven't kept in touch with Kim in this century. He left LA for a long while in the s and he doesn't do email.

We parted as friends and despite his reputation I don't have a bad word to say about the guy. Another challenge for rock historians because I don't know what record he was talking about. Kim is the consummate rock independent.

Kim's father was Douglas Fowley, a character actor in the golden age of Hollywood with a list of credits a mile long. The old man first appeared uncredited in The Thin Man in the early s and continued to work steadily well into his eighties.

Usually played gangsters and bad guy western saloon owners, but he did comedy too and he is probably best remembered as the distraught movie director in Singing in the Rain. Kim and his dad were very estranged when we met, but I think he told me that they reconciled before the old man died. I noticed a likeness watching an old Mr.

Moto movie late one night in my Hollywood apartment. Kim went dead silent when I told him and no wonder: rock and roll mythology had Kim pegged as the illegitimate son of Howard Hughes at the time. This ismaybe? Irwin let us do some little bits for his show on tape and we recorded Drums Along the Maple Wood later when we lived in Hollywood and sent him a copy.

Irwin lived in Maplewood, NJ. That entire Moxie "release" was like 12 acetates in color Xerox sleeves. Time passes. We either heard R. Stevie on Irwin's shows or Irwin sent us R.

Stevie Moore stuff, I don't remember which. We were trying to help Dave Gibson elevate Moxie and pick up legit acts and we figured we had something in common with Stevie as we were all working out of our living rooms.

We went east to meet him and his manager and we signed paper. Stevie sent us his tape and we loved it and decided we should give it the best mastering possible so we took it to Gold Star in Hollywood Phil Spector was in the house but we did not meet. Then we took it to Dave and told his pressing plant guy that we wanted bright red vinyl and we R.

Stevie and Igot back in touch a couple of years ago and even jammed a little up inNorth Jersey with my pal Gordon Furlong. I've done some recent CD coverart for Stevie too. He's got about CDs out, so he's always looking forcover art. Mayan Canals. I'm into the Maya. My family has a distant native NorthAmerican bloodline Menomonee and when I was a kid I was puzzled aboutnative origins. The Maya were a genuine mystery at the time and they wereobviously victim to white anthropological prejudice - in the s it wascommonly believed that Maya cities and temples were built by whites whosomehow found their way to Mesoamerica and that the Maya were nothing butignorant slash and burn farmers living in the jungle.

Now we know that theMaya had hundreds of cities, many with populations over a hundredthousand, ocean-based trade routes that stretched from Belize to the Bajaof California, etc. One night in the late 70s, Walter Cronkite announcedthat NASA satellites discovered the vestiges of intricate ancient man-madecanal systems in Guatemala that could only have been created by the Maya. The now rather silly title tune of the Mayan Canals record was an essayI wrote about the accomplishments of the Maya and their civilizationagainst a Synthi A track.

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