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Limbus - Mutate (2) - No One In The Mirror (File, MP3)

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Categories: All Back. Cart 0 Your cart is empty. Limbus Pt. Available in Bit CD Quality Dhaka is the traditional fabric of the Limbus which woven in geometric patterns in a handloom.

Limbu men wear dhaka topi hat and scarves, and Limbu women wear dhaka saree, mekhli, blouse and shawl. Limbu women are known for their gold jewelry. Most Limbu ornaments are inspired by nature. Some jewelry types are:. This form of clothing was worn until Nepal enforced a "one religion, one dress, one language" policy.

The Yakthung of Sikkim still wear traditional Limbu clothing. Many efforts are being made by groups such as Yakthung Chumlung to raise awareness about the cultural dress and its heritage. The house of Limbus is a symbolic representation of a feminine character and Yuma — a goddess of the Limbu community.

The details of the windows and doors are embroidered with wood carvings depicting different flowers which are used by the Limbus during rituals. Some decorative embroideries done in the wood carvings of the door and windows of the house are the direct representation of gold jewelry worn by Limbu women.

In a traditional house of the Limbus, the skirting of the wall is generally painted manually with red mud paint. This is also a symbolic representation of the patuka or the belt worn by the Limbu women. This pillar is generally believed by the Limbu people as the shrine where Yuma goddess resides in the house. Thus, to pay their gratitude they perform ritualistic prayers and offerings around the pillar, usually twice a year. These houses can be found at Eastern Nepal and western part of Sikkim, India.

These houses are similar to other communities due to acculturation between different communities living in the vicinity. The evolution of the form and spaces of the houses have been inspired by the Limbus - Mutate (2) - No One In The Mirror (File lifestyle and culture of the people which is similar in many communities.

Therefore nowadays a Limbu house is difficult to identify through an exterior perspective. This symbol is diamond shaped and has 9 concentric diamond layers supported by two axes at the centre, one vertical and one horizontal. These days, this symbol is seen in places like the entry gates, balcony railing of the house, etc. It is also worn by the community people on their left chest during an event. Currently, these houses are endangered. People are also unable to bear expenses for wood carvings for the embroideries which has resulted in the extinction of local craftsmen and hence the traditional design itself.

Sikuwa in Nepali term or a verandah of the house. The Limbu people have their own flag. The blue represents the bodies of water and the sky, the white represents air and peace, and the red represents the earth and pure blood of the Limbu people. The sun in the centre represents various Limbu spiritual practices and everyday living.

The use and recognition of the flag ended in the eighteenth century during the Gorkha invasion. Limbuwan organisations use the flag in Limbuwan laaje areas. The Limbus practice subsistence farming traditionally. Rice and maize comprises their principal crops. Although there is an abundance of arable land, productivity is greatly limited by inefficient technology. Excess crops are often traded for food that cannot be grown MP3) the region. Limbu Women weave Dhaka fabric cloth on their traditional small hand looms made from bamboo and wood.

Limbus generally marry within their own community. A Limbu is not allowed to marry within their own clans for up to 3 generations back to ensure that they are not related. Cross-cousin marriage is not allowed in Limbu culture.

Marriage between a man and a woman outside the clan is also possible either by arrangement or by mutual consent of the man and woman in question.

The marriages are mostly arranged by parents. Asking for a woman's hand is an important ceremony. In that system, the woman can ask for anything, including any amount of gold, silver, etc.

This is practiced to confirm that the man is financially secure enough to keep the bride happy. A few days after the wedding, the man's family members have to visit the woman's house with a piglet and some alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, depending upon the financial status of his house.

The most important ceremonies of a Limbu wedding take place in MP3) groom's house rather than in the bride's because the bride has to stay with her husband.

Anyone can join the dance, which can last for many hours. The Limbus follow the social rules and regulation of Mundhum oral 'scripture' and a religious book. Their religion is enshrined in the evergreen Cynodondactylon Dubo grass. Those lucky enough to avoid such a sentence are typically sent to the main plane of the Netherrealm itself, tho this fiery inferno is no paradise of its own.

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