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Kindness Of Heart, Warmth Of Spirit

They will be ready to be citizens of the world — connected, civically and politically engaged, entrepreneurial and creative. We will have a nationally recognised programme to promote positive student physical and mental health, and wellbeing. Our students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and competencies through active engagement with the pressing research questions and challenges of our time.

They will enhance their skills by working independently and collectively on topics of mutual interest and significance. They will become members of research groups, centres, networks and initiatives and work alongside academics and doctoral researchers, as well as drawing on wider partnerships beyond the University. These research-practitioner and team-working experiences will provide valuable skills to help our students succeed in the workplace and communities of the future, and as citizens in the world of tomorrow.

By challenging conventional thinking and discourse, we will understand and help solve the grand issues of our time. This will be internationally regarded.

Our research will create new agendas, contribute new knowledge and provide new ideas and solutions that will help to shape the world. We will challenge conventional thinking and discourses, offering inspiring and creative ways to understand and solve global issues. We will support and develop our researchers to recognise and deliver excellence, at all times.

We will value research that has an impact outside academic circles as well as within the academy, and we will develop the skills and competencies of researchers to maximise the influence and impact of their work. We will champion new ways to generate knowledge that challenge conventional wisdom. Extending the boundaries of research, we will draw on technological and intellectual advances to build a distinctively Sussex research platform and agenda.

We will set up support mechanisms to help our researchers to develop throughout their whole career, as undergraduate researchers, postgraduate research students, postdoctoral researchers, early-career academics and established academic staff. We will support the whole research lifecycle, from fundamental to applied research, from first ideas to practical application, with appropriate co-production and iteration with our external partners.

We will develop leadership and engagement programmes to support all of our research staff and future research leaders. We will be recognised for the individuals undertaking world-leading enquiry and the strength of our research in key areas. Sussex will grow these research areas and invest in emerging areas of excellence. We will continue to nurture and develop research excellence wherever it is found.

Our research will transcend boundaries, be they disciplinary, geographical, political, sectoral or cultural. We will collaborate with academic organisations, and communities beyond the academy, confronting the grand challenges facing society and the economy — locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Building on our pioneering heritage of interdisciplinarity, we will reclaim our reputation as the university of choice for academics and doctoral students committed to interdisciplinary research and engagement, and for students who want to understand their world beyond disciplinary boundaries.

Interdisciplinarity provides creative opportunities to rethink old and emerging challenges in new ways. We will re-energise our staff and students to the possibilities of this — to deliver both greater knowledge and action for change. We will do this by supporting the formation and development of interdisciplinary research programmes, groups and networks based on recognised and emerging areas of excellence and grand global challenges.

Research at all levels will meet the highest standards of rigour, integrity, ethics and governance. We will operate in an open environment and, wherever Warmth Of Spirit, enable access and share our research for public benefit. We will support our academics to attract and access the resources needed to undertake ground-breaking research.

We will increase the number and quality of international research collaborations, partnerships and co-authorships, joining forces with researchers around the world to work on the global challenges that we all face.

We will build a greater international profile and reputation as one of the leading research universities in the world. Our researchers will be highly regarded for the quality and distinctiveness of their work and for its wider impact. We will be widely respected as an engaged university — interacting purposefully with people, organisations and communities at a local, regional, national and international level.

We will do this so that we can bring benefits to society at large, the economy and to the many individuals who are part of our world. Our external engagement will enable greater public understanding of science, technology, medicine, health, society, the arts and humanities — challenging pre-conceptions and arming people with knowledge and ideas to inform their personal and collective choices.

We will contribute to the democratic process, inspiring citizens to be active agents in their own communities. By doing this, we will learn and gain from our partners, just as much as they do from us. We will embed the ethos and practice of external engagement across all of our academic schools and activities. We will become connected to, trusted, and respected by more external partners at local, regional, national and international levels. It creates ripples which in time can grow to become waves.

It starts in your community, then your country, then the world. This is one of the most profound effects of kindness. You can donate to help the poor and homeless through our christian charity online. Visit our homepage to find our online donation form.

Judy Ponio is a full time blogger and is devoted to topics about charity, kindness, and Christianity. She is part of Correct Digital, Inc which is paid by private donors to provide website digital marketing services to this non-profit organization. Positive News. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content Menu. Pompano Beach, FL. Contact Us By Email. What is Kindness?

So what does this tell us? Kindness in the Bible There are a lot of verses in the bible that define kindness. Kindness Involves Making a Choice What makes someone truly kind is because they keep choosing to be kind. About The Author Judy Ponio is a full time blogger and is devoted to topics about charity, kindness, and Christianity. Why Are People Homeless? Next Frankenstein as a Gothic Novel. Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title.

Are you sure you want to remove bookConfirmation and any corresponding bookmarks? My Preferences My Reading List. Frankenstein Mary Shelley. Critical Essays The Romantic Movement. Adam Bede has been added to your Reading List! I will dwell in your house forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings. For you, O God, have heard my vows— You have granted me a glimpse of your love. May there be peace in our world. May the powerful of the world sit before you.

And I will sing your songs Day by day I will fulfill my vow to you. Monday, June 26, Psalm 62 Waiting for God. In that is my strength and my salvation. Remembering that touch, I am free. I am often besieged, from within and without by forces that would topple me— Doubts, difficulties, enemies, depressions, my own double-mindedness.

Put your trust in God pour out your heart and find refuge For people, leaders, and nations are all temporal. Idolizing wealth is foolish. Our education and good deeds take us only so far. When God speaks in our hearts— that is what gives life its shine. It opens us to love and helps us to be loving. Labels: prayerspiritual experience. Sunday, June 25, Psalm 63 Thirsting. My soul thirsts for you, O God As my dehydrated body craves water.

I often loose touch with your loving kindness My longing for you is the only real evidence I have that you are really here.

You have been my helper I have taken refuge in the shadow of your wings. Dispatch my fears, O God help me find my center in You. And I will rejoice. Labels: doubtfaithworks. Saturday, June 24, Psalm 64 -Whining. Hear my voice, O God, when I whine about my fears about my failings about my foibles about all my discordant selves They bring me down! They work against me They hide within me. My mind and heart hold a Mystery-- You are also there.

You show me all my facets and bring new life from within I see your work-- I put my trust in You I rejoice. Labels: whole self. It is good to give thanks, for the boundless mercy which renews us and makes us whole. Happy are those who know this and open themselves to the Light.

Your law governs her cycles of snow, run-off, flood, and rain. You crown the year with abundance The wild lands are watered with dew. The hills deck themselves with green. The meadows adorn themselves with flocks, The valleys gown themselves with grain. They dance together. They join in song. Labels: earth prayers. Thursday, June 22, Psalm Salvation.

Oh God, your world is awesome, When I notice it, my fears and anxieties flee. You have nudged us towards goodness. You hold our souls in life. You will not allow our feet to slip. You have tested us in the fires of life. We have found ourselves trapped We have carried heavy burdens Our enemies have driven over us. And you have brought us out. I will honor You I will speak of You You have heard me and attended to my prayer.

Blessed be God, who has not rejected my prayer nor withheld steadfast love from me. Labels: God's Lovethe world. Wednesday, June 21, Psalm 67 Bless Us. Bless us, O God— whisper in our hearts and light our times. Let all the people of the earth praise you with all their diverse voices.

Let them call out the ten thousand names. Let all nations praise you with the best of their ways. Let the peoples of the earth bless the earth and heal her together. Bless us, O God, with your presence in our hearts, And in the soul of our nation. Labels: diversitypraise. Tuesday, June 20, Psalm 68 Salvation. As the wind disperses smoke, As the wax melts in the fire May all that divides me and separates me flee before Your love.

As once You touched me with awareness on a bright June day when all had been soaked and sad As once You touched me with acceptance when my heart was heavy. As You have calmed me and opened my heart in the presence of suffering. As You have showed me that there is a path beyond death.

Blessed be God, day by day, The God of our Salvation, who bears our burdens. Monday, June 19, Psalm 69 -deep water. Save me, O God, I have gotten myself in deep waters. I am tired of crying. O God, you know my foolishness and my faults— Do you love me anyway? I really am sinking. These rushing, dark waters are going to swallow me up. Answer me, God! Your loving kindness would save me. If I could see your face, it would be enough to ease my distress and help me relax in the flood.

I will remember that you are here, even in the torrent, even in the war. I will give thanks for the small beauties and kindnesses of the day. And for the love that is in my heart. Labels: depressionhelp. O God, make speed to save me, O Lord, make haste to help me.

May my fears weaken, my will soften, my resentments ease. May I be glad and rejoice in You, weak as I am. You are my helper and my deliverer. O God, do not tarry. Saturday, June 17, Psalm 71 --Taking Refuge. Deliver me in love and set me free. Be my strong rock, a home to keep me safe. Deliver me, O God, from the hand of the wicked, from the clutches of the foolish and the oppressive. You are my hope, Holy One— I have been sustained by your love since I was born. I am grown now, and strong in the eyes of the world but you are my refuge and my strength.

You have shown me great adversities— and you have restored my life. You strengthen me more and more you enfold and comfort me. Now that I am old and gray, do not forsake me. Friday, June 16, Psalm Prayer for the powerful. May those in power in the world rule with justice and righteousness. May the poor be rescued, the oppressors crushed, and your love reign from generation to generation. The nations together will establish prosperity for all and wisely use the fruits of the earth.

Then will their promise be fulfilled— The nations will be blessed and Kindness Of Heart Serving the One whose creation this is. I have set myself to live with an open heart to abandon my self to love and service. How often I loose my way— in resentment, in loneliness, in despair.

I can cop out, give in, go along with wealth and power. We think we have a right to pile up our wealth, to entertain ourselves with toys while the world suffers. I know this and feel helpless—and the poor call me oppressor with the rest.

How can I live with an open heart in a time like this? My love and service are so small against the vast needs of the world. I sit in this darkness, and no answer comes. God is silent. Psalm 74 --Seasons. O God, why have you withdrawn? Are you angry with me? Did I do something wrong? How long will you leave me like this? Why have you drawn back? You are my God Yours is the day, yours also is the night. You established the moon and the sun You fixed all the boundaries of the earth You made both the summer and the winter.

And a time and a season for everything. Psalm 75 And Know Your Love. Unending thanks, O God for all you have done and are doing Especially for giving us freedom to do good and thereby joining with you in creation Forgive us all the floundering ways we do harm in our pride and greed and emptiness Help us find you— in the four directions in the wilderness, and in the mountains.

Help us to choose to do right by the earth and by each other so that we may drink from your cup And know your love. Wednesday, June 14, Psalm 76 Knowing God. How do we know God? Only by reference…by glimpse out of the corner of our eye. Only by taking hints and making guesses. The world trembles with the thrust of life. The glow of love sustains our days.

Our foolish ways are redeemed, and we are turned back to justice and compassion. Psalm 77 Are You There? I will cry aloud to God I will cry aloud and God will hear me. But it has left a god-shaped hole in my being. I think of God and am restless I ponder and my spirit faints I am sleepless at night and speechless by day anxious and sad. I gaze on your creation. Remember times I felt your gracious touch See your power in sun and storm And in my heart. Here is a story, to tell our children— a cautionary tale to help them understand— We have been blessed, our nation, by abundant resources by wise leaders by resourceful people.

We have also been greedy and selfish— taking land that did not belong to us, enslaving the African making war on nations which displeased us. We have accomplished much been a light to the nations We have used our strength for good. We have been decedent Worshiped ourselves Forgotten the people. Grant a healing of our hearts, o God help us to choose life, to do good, to use our power well in the world.

Psalm 79 --How Long, O God? Your body, the world, is being despoiled The people who serve You have died at the hands of the violent, the greedy, the wicked. Those now in power are devouring all that is good How long, O God, how long?

Please forget our sins, and meet us with compassion For we have been brought low. Your absence from this scene makes doubt steal into our hearts and gives cynics a field day. Make yourself known to us, O God For we are your people and your hands in the world. We will give thanks for whatever you give us And praise Your name for our whole lives. Hear my prayers. Heed the cry of my open heart. You nourished a seed growing there— prepared the ground and planted it.

It grew large enough to fill the whole landscape! But now—the busy boar has ravaged it The beasts of doubt have fed on it. The slings and arrows are outrageous. Look upon your servant, O God— Help me tend and preserve my ravaged heart.

Let your hand be on me—whom you once called to you and made strong. Give my faith life again, so I can Call on your name with a whole heart. Hear my prayers—heed the cry of my open heart. Psalm 81 Keep Listening. Sing, Shout, be Joyful! Play music, blow horns At the new moon, the full moon, the holy days, the Sabbath.

Let this rejoicing be your practice. Hear the still, small voice— You called on me in trouble and I helped you. Keep listening! Open your heart and it will fill up.

My longing is for you, as yours is for me. I want to whisper in your ear And satisfy your hunger with honey from the rock.

Psalm 82 Instructions. Among the many clamoring voices in my being speaks One, still and small. How long with you consort with the wicked? Instead save the weak and the orphan defend the humble and the needy Rescue the sick and the poor and deliver them from the Powers of the world.

Help the ones who go about in darkness. Shake things up! You are a child of the Most High. And you are here but a little while.

Psalm 83 Distractions. O God, do not be silent Do not keep still or hold your peace I am in tumult I can not find my center in You. Angers, fears, resentments, distractions. It all keeps me from you— Help me— Make all this like whirling dust like chaff before the wind--blow. Saturday, June 10, Psalm 84 --Ease. The sparrow has a place in the rafters. The swallow raises her young in the nest she has made. They live and move easily in their places.

They flit and soar around Your world altar. They are home. It is not so easy for me. I long for that ease of being and pray for the grace to live in the world as at Your altar. Happy are they who live in the Pilgrim way; They walk through desolate landscapes and find your springs. They toil through mountains and discover your peaks. They set themselves to the tasks of love and service and know deep satisfaction One day lived in this grace is better than a thousand spent at our own devices.

When we walk our appointed path in peace, We find our home and our way. Friday, June 09, Psalm 85 -- Peace. O God, you have given us a beautiful earth— Grant us the wisdom to use it well. Lead us to an inner life in which we can rejoice. Speak peace to us, that we may live in peace. May your mercy and truth meet together Righteousness and peace kiss each other, Surrounding us with your light. Help us know true prosperity, And be gentle with your Earth. Guide our feet in the ways of peace. Psalm 86 --Hear My Prayer.

Hear my prayer, Holy One— for I am poor in spirit and miserable. Keep watch over my life for I depend on you. Gladden the soul of your servant to you I lift up my heart. Teach me your way, O God, and I will walk in your truth. Knit my heart to your Heart- that I may I know I am with you. I will thank you, Creator, Sustainer, with all my heart and honor and seek you all my days.

For great is Kindness Of Heart love toward me. You have delivered me from my pit. You have helped me in trouble. You are slow to anger and full of kindness and truth. Turn to me, and have mercy on me. Psalm 87 -- The Earth is Holy. The whole earth is holy loved into being with delight.

The earth is beautiful every mountain, every bush, every fish. Love encompasses all Love encompasses all. Give thanks and praise, use it well and dance the holy dance.

Psalm 88 -- Depression. I cry out day and night for help— Hoping for something—relief? Did You put me here? What did I do?

Are You angry? Am I just not good enough? Did you take my friends away? This is going to kill me. And yet—if this is Your darkness, I will bear it. Keep my heart open and my hands working—anyway. Psalm God's Love. We know it in our hearts, we see it in the dance of stars, and in the crashing waves of the sea.

God created the very directions And founded the world on the basis of righteousness, justice, truth, and love. Happy are those who walk in these ways, and teach their children the same. Though life is short and flesh is frail, rejoice in this gift of life and love. Psalm 90 Life and Death. We have come out of the Earth and to the Earth we return Our lives are but a flash in the light of Eternity. We are like beautiful flowers which live only a day.

We might live 70 years—more if our strength holds. So much work and hardship! How quickly the time passes. Teach us then, to value our days to treat each one as a sacred trust. Fill our hearts with wisdom. In spite of all the grief and suffering May we be always glad of this precious gift And hallow the good in each day. Labels: deathlife. Thursday, June 08, Psalm Trouble.

I dwell in the shelter of the Most High. You will deliver me from the snare of the hunter and from all manner of evils. You will cover me with your pinions Kindness Of Heart hide me in the shadow of your wings. I need not be afraid of any terror of the night, or danger of the day. I will be strong in the face of difficulty and face the trials of my life with calm assurance. I need not fear illness or injury, people who roar like lions Kindness Of Heart hiss like snakes, You will tread on my fears.

I hear you whisper, " I am bound to you in love, therefore I will help you in times of trouble. I am with you when you call for me.

I will dwell in your heart through the years of your life—and forever. Labels: trust. Psalm 92 God's Purposes. It is a good thing to give thanks to God And to sing praises to the Holy One To remember being loved early in the morning And feeling safe by night. I rejoice. For You have made me glad. The magnificence of Nature is very deep. Remember: although the wicked seem to flourish, that is an illusion. Those who have thwarted them will be gone.

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  1. Doukazahn says:

    Mar 18,  · In the spirit of the boundlessness of the heart and of love itself, we can expand the field of loving-kindness even further to include our neighbors and neighborhood, our community, our state, our country, the entire world if you will. You can include your pets, all animal life, all plant life, all life, the entire biosphere, all sentient beings.

  2. Mazukasa says:

    Aug 01,  · Truth is, there is more to kindness than being nice and doing right by others. In fact, there may not be a single word that can describe the true meaning of kindness. The dictionary defines kindness as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Other synonyms of kindness are goodwill, warmth, tenderness, selflessness, and.

  3. Arashinris says:

    Mar 22,  · Spirit animals also known as power animals or spirit guides is your spiritual teacher or messenger in an animal form. Each individual or a person has one of its own, defined by your birth date or zodiac sign. People lookup for a spirit animal list for various purposes – guidance, protection, power or even wisdom.

  4. Daiktilar says:

    Sussex reimagines the pioneering spirit of the original purpose of our University but does so for new times and a new generation. Kindness. We will seek to be known as a ‘kind’ institution. Building on their warmth, loyalty and commitment, we will create new engagement opportunities that drive and encourage increased.

  5. Zulkimi says:

    Mar 15,  · a warmth in my heart when I see and what will save our world is living by law and by love, justice and righteousness,gratitude, kindness, and reverence. When we put our trust in these ways, we will be rewarded by joy. Posted by What you want is that new heart and right spirit. For this, I pray. Posted by Christine Robinson at.

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    Synonyms for heart include ticker, cardiac organ, vascular organ, compassion, sympathy, humanity, tenderness, understanding, feeling and kindness. Find more similar.

  7. Shaktimi says:

    Jan 13,  · 8. Father, You are trustworthy. I can trust You with my whole heart, for You are the keeper and protector of my heart. Fill my heart with joy! “The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.” (Psalm NLT) 9.

  8. Voodoom says:

    The Romantic Movement originated in Germany with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethe's play Faust () addresses the issue of how man can acquire too much knowledge, how man can make deals with the Devil to get that knowledge, and how man can move from one human experience to another without achieving full satisfaction. Ideas about a new intellectual .

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