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Mr Puigdemont had travelled to the Mediterranean island for a Catalan folklore festival. A judge in Sardinia will have to decide whether he should be released or extradited. Sardinia is one of the five Italian regions with some degree of domestic autonomy being granted by a special statute.

Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Saturday, October 2, By AIR News. September 24, In order to revive folklore and enlighten the younger generations, the Vice President suggested that annual events, especially in schools and colleges should lay emphasis on local and folk art forms. He observed that mass media, such as cinema, TV, and radio could also incorporate aspects of our folklore in their format suitably and reach out to their audiences.

Shri Naidu advised leveraging online and digital platforms as well to revive and propagate our folk art forms. He also called upon public broadcasters like Doordarshan and All India Radio to give importance to folk arts in their programmes.

On this occasion, the Vice President complimented the Government of Karnataka for having established Karnataka Folklore University, also known as Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya, dedicated exclusively for study and research on folklore.

The Vice President expressed his appreciation for the artists Dogri Folklore performed recently in the cultural programmes organized by the state cultural department and the district collector of Ballari in his honour. In particular, he complimented the folk songs performed by year-old Meera of Hospet and the Karnataka folk dance by Shri Satyanarayana and his troupe.

Popular folk singer Shri Damodaram Ganapati Rao, folklore researcher Dr Sagili Sudharani, folk singer Dr Linga Srinivas and other folk artists and enthusiasts virtually participated in the event. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Sunday, October 3, Revive folklore traditions, utilise them as tools for social change: Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu. The Film Act was replaced in by a film-ratings system. Action films are a predominant genre of Thai film.

During the s and '70s, when Mitr Chaibancha and Sombat Metanee were the leading action heroes, hundreds of hard-hitting, explosive features were made.

Kerd ma lui Born to Fight is in the same vein, and gives more exposure to action choreographer Panna Dogri Folklorewho toiled for decades making low-budget, direct-to-video action films featuring dangerous stunt choreography. The culture of Thailand's B-movie stuntmen is further examined in the documentary, Crying Tigersby Santi Taepanich.

Action comedies have also proven to be popular, including 's Killer Tattoo by Yuthlert Sippapakwho cast well-known Thai comedians, including Petchtai Wongkamlao and Suthep Po-ngamin roles as bumbling hitmen. Thai animation got underway after the Second World Warwhen artist Sanae Klaikluen was asked by the Thai government to make a Dogri Folklore animated cartoon that instructed Thai citizens to wear hats and farmers to wear boots.

Sanae in turn influenced Payut Ngaokrachangwho made a short about a traffic cop called Haed Mahasajan. Payut went on to make Thailand's first and only cel-animated feature film, The Adventure of Sudsakornin Because of the labour-intensive work involved with animation, it was cheaper for studios to make live-action films, so animation was eschewed. But in recent years, Thailand's technology community has sought to make the country a hub for computer animationwith many animated television shows, commercials and video games being created in Thailand.

InThailand's first computer-animated feature film was released, Khan Khluayabout King Naresuan the Great 's war elephant. Although the work is being done on computers, Kompin has faced many of the same difficulties in funding and human resources that Payut faced. No matter what the genre of Thai film, most films — be they action, horror or romantic dramas — have some element of comedy. It starred Mitr Chaibancha and Petchara Chaowarat in a story about the nephew of an unscrupulous moneylender who takes sides with a group of debtors against his uncle.

The remake of the film was done in the s. Inthe comedy Luang phii theng The Holy Man starring comedian Pongsak Pongsuwan as a street hood who poses as a Buddhist monk, was one of the top films at the domestic box office.

A true-crime film, 's Macabre Case of Prom Pirom Keunbab prompiram by veteran director Manop Udomdejabout a murder-rape of a young woman in a rural village was controversial because the village where the case took place did not want the incident revisited.

Another true-crime case about a cannibalistic serial killer in Bangkok was depicted in the film Zee-Oui. Kathoey transgender people or gay people are often featured as comic relief or villains in mainstream Thai films, but there have been a number of films that make gay people and kathoey the main characters.

One of the first was Youngyooth Thongkonthun 's Iron Ladiesor Satree lekbased on a true Dogri Folklore about a transgender gay men's volleyball team that won a national championship in It was a huge hit on the international festival circuit.

The comedy spawned a sequel inThe Iron Ladies 2 Satree lek 2. More loosely based on a true incident was the film Saving Private Tootsiewhich tells the story of a group of gay and kathoey entertainers who are lost in rebel-held jungle territory after their plane crashes. A squad from the Thai army, led by a gruff, homophobic sergeant played by veteran actor Sorapong Chatreegoes to the rescue. The film Tropical Maladydirected by Apichatpong Weerasethakuldepicts a romance between a Thai army soldier and a local small-town boy.

The narrative of the film then abruptly shifts in the middle to relate a folk tale about a tiger shamanwith the soldier alone in the jungle, haunted by the tiger-shaman's spirit. The film won a jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Apichatpong also co-directed the low-budget digital movie, The Adventure of Iron Pussywith artist Michael Shaowanasaiwho portrays a transgender secret agent.

A musical, the movie also was an homage and a parody of the Thai films of the s and '70s, with Shaowansai basing his character on the actress Petchara Chaowarat. InThai film Rainbow Boysdepicting a contemporary gay relationship, produced by Vitaya Saeng-aroonsaw a limited-release screening.

Vitaya also produced the comedy-drama Club M2set in a gay sauna. In the film, Ananda Everingham stars as a male dancer in a drag cabaret who must re-find himself after being struck by a car and suffering from amnesia. Another film, Bangkok Love Storydirected by Poj Arnonwas critically hailed as a departure from the stereotyped view of homosexuals as transvestites.

Gay Thai independent film producer similarly praised the film, saying director Poj Arnon was "brave enough to shake society up". InThanwarin Sukhaphisit's Insects in the Backyarda movie depicting the struggles of a family in which a transgender teenage son and daughter's lives are tormented by a lack of communication and an inability to communicate with their biological father to the point that they end up selling their bodies looking, very much in vain, for a way out of their own lives, became the first film to receive the Haw Heep rating, which banned the distribution and showing of the film.

InThanwarin's It Gets Better is marketed to a more mainstream audience, and was admitted by the film committee. The film portrays the story of a young boy whose father forces him to become a monk after he catches him wearing his mother's clothes and dancing around effeminately in his room. At first the boy resists, but is then captivated by the beauty of the monk who comes out of the temple, and so immediately changes his mind.

The story runs alongside two other narratives, one of a man returned to Thailand to sell his father's business and the other of a woman whose purpose seems unclear throughout the story until the very end. We find out that the monk is the woman, who has come back to see her father but is killed by a thief before she can make amends with him. Another staple of the Thai film industry, among the biggest was 's The Legend of Suriyothai by Chatrichalerm Yukolwho had done research for many years to write the screenplay.

With a huge budget, support from the royal family and the cooperation across the nation's film industry, this film is considered a true "national film". More recent history is depicted in The Overturecovering the life of a palace musician from the late 19th century to the s, and The Tin Mineset at a mine in southern Thailand in the s. Nonzee Nimibutr 's Nang Nak in was a ghost story based on the same folkloric theme that had been depicted dozens of times throughout the history of Thai cinema and television.

Pee Mak is currently the highest grossing Thai film in the history of Thai cinema. Examples of slasher movies include Art of the Devil and a sequel Long khongas well as Scared and Narok Hellalso in The horror genre also has spawned a number of genre-blending horror comedies, most notably the films of Yuthlert SippapakBuppah Rahtree featured at the Toronto International Film Festival and a sequel, and Krasue Valentine.

It was hugely popular, playing in cinemas for six months. As a result, a whole genre of luk thung musicals, rhapsodizing Thailand's rural life in Isan was created. Tuiwhich starred Sombat Metanee and Petchara. And incomedian-actor-director Petchtai Wongkamlao wrote, directed and starred in Yam Yasothona colourful homage to the s musicals.

It was one of top films at the Thai box office. Weepy, sentimental romance stories are audience favorites. Historically, Cherd Songsri 's s film Plae Chow The Old Scar is a classic tale of star-crossed lovers, and was one of the first Thai films to be a success internationally.

Childhood romance was a hit with 's Fan Chanwhich was made by six directors. One of the six, Komgrit Treewimolwent on to make the college-age romance, Dear Dakandaa hit inbut took three years to completely write, cast, film, and tweak. Thank You. As a genre, teen films arose in the s, with director Piak Poster 's Wai Ounlawonabout a young man whose courtship of a teenaged girl puts him at odds with the girl's irascible father.

That young couple, portrayed by the original actors, were revisited 30 years later as embattled parents in the sequel, Wai Ounlawon 4 Oops There's Dad.

Music was an important Dogri Folklore of the teen films, with a musical interlude featured prominently in the film and a soundtrack album that would be a popular hit. This was the case with both Wai Ounlawon and its recent sequel. Another noteworthy film of this genre is Fake Dogri Folklore, which was the debut film by Thanakorn Pongsuwan.

The film's modern, visual style offers a sharp-focus snapshot of the city of Bangkok and a plausible account of the mating game in its current forms. In the burgeoning independent film movement, many short films are being produced and featured in festivals.

It was the first Thai short film selected at Cannes. The short film is shot in a minimalist style and slowly moves along the encounters of a man and a woman on a long-haul flight, where they spend the next 12 hours and 20 minutes reading, drinking, eating and watching movies and sleeping by each other's side without talking.

While Thailand has a relatively vibrant filmmaking scene, Thai production companies rarely does co-productions in the country though there has been an increase in the number of Thai-foreign co-productions since the 21st century. The Bangkok Film Festival was started inand was eventually supplanted by the Bangkok International Film Festivalwhich started in and is organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

InDigital Forum was begun in Bangkok as an outgrowth of the Thai Short Film and Video Festival, to showcase feature-length independent digital-video productions. Also inthe inaugural Phuket Film Festival was held.

Inthe annual Phangan Film Festival PFF was established on Koh Phanganwith a focus on spiritual and environmental indie films from around the world.

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    Aug 23,  · Dogri/ڈوگری. Assamese/অসম Folklore is, in the true sense, people’s literature”, Shri Naidu said. Noting how folklore in India has thrived in history largely due to the patronage it enjoyed in rural areas, the Vice President said that ‘rural India and folklore cannot be separated’. Our civilizational values and cultural.

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    The cinema of Thailand dates back to the early days of filmmaking, when King Chulalongkorn's visit to Bern, Switzerland was recorded by François-Henri Lavancy-Clarke. The film was then brought to Bangkok, where it was sparked more interest in film by the Thai Royal Family and local businessmen, who brought in filmmaking equipment and started to .

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