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As Much - The Look Machine - Above This Clouded Mind (CD, Album)

Where my grandfather was big and boisterous, my grandmother was calm, calculating, with a mind as sharp as anything. If you need to know anything in the family history, going back to the s, she can tell you what day it happened, where it happened, and why it happened. She remembers it all. My great-grandmother lived with us as well.

We called her Koko. Her eyes had gone white, clouded over by cataracts. The coal stove was always on. It was for cooking, heating the house, heating water for baths. We put her there because it was the warmest spot in the house. In the morning someone would wake her and bring her to sit in the kitchen. At night someone would come take her to bed.

Sit by the stove. She was fantastic and fully with it. Our relationship was nothing but command prompts and replies, like talking to a computer. Their fathers were off working in a mine somewhere, able to come home only during the holidays. Their fathers had been sent to prison. Their fathers were in exile, fighting for the cause. Women held the community together. In Soweto, religion filled the void left by absent men. I used to ask my mom if it was hard for her to raise me alone without a husband.

God is my husband. Prayer meetings would rotate houses up and down the block based on the day. These groups were women and children only. Then we would go around the circle offering prayers. The grannies would talk about what was happening in their lives. I had a good week at work. I got a raise and I wanted to say thank you and praise Jesus. Masango vulekani singene eJerusalema.

Pray, sing, pray. Sing, pray, sing. Sing, sing, sing. Pray, pray, pray. Ah-ah-ah- ah-men. Next night, different house, same thing. One, I got to clap along on the beat for the singing. And two, I loved to pray. My grandmother always told me that she loved my prayers. She believed my prayers were more powerful, because I prayed in English. The Bible is in English. Which made my prayers the best prayers because English prayers get answered first.

How do we know this? Look at white people. Add to that Matthew To White Jesus? I can feel it. Whenever the prayer meetings were at our house, because my prayers were so good, my grandmother would want me to pray for everyone. I loved doing it. My grandmother had convinced me that my prayers got answered. I felt like I was helping people. Yes, it was a prison designed by our oppressors, but it As Much - The Look Machine - Above This Clouded Mind (CD gave us a sense of self-determination and control.

Soweto was ours. In America the dream is to make it out of the ghetto. In Soweto, because there was no leaving the ghetto, the dream was to transform the ghetto.

There were no paved roads, minimal electricity, inadequate sewerage. But when you put one million people together in one place, they find a way to make a life for themselves. The most common were the spaza shops and the shebeens.

The spaza shops were informal grocery stores. People would build a kiosk in their garage, buy wholesale bread and eggs, and then resell them piecemeal. Everyone in the township bought things in minute quantities because nobody had any money. You could buy a quarter loaf of bread, a cup of sugar. The shebeens were where men would go to drink after work and during prayer meetings and most any other time of day as well. People built homes the way they bought eggs: a little at a time. Every family in the township was allocated a piece of land by the government.

One wall. Then, years later, a third wall and eventually a fourth. Now you had a room, one room for everyone in your family to sleep, eat, do everything. Then windows. Then your daughter would start a family. Now your house had two rooms. Then three. Maybe four. My grandmother lived in Orlando East.

She had a two-room house. Not a two- bedroom house. A two-room house. Some might say we lived like poor people. My aunt and cousins would be there whenever she was on the outs with Dinky. We all slept on the floor in one room, my mom and me, my aunt and my cousins, my uncle and my grandmother and my great-grandmother. We had two shanties in the backyard that my grandmother would rent out to migrants and seasonal workers.

We had a small peach tree in a tiny patch on one side of the house and on the other side my grandmother had a driveway. I never understood why my grandmother had a driveway. Yet she had a driveway. All of our neighbors had driveways, some with fancy, cast-iron gates. None of them had cars, either. There was no future in which most of these families would ever have cars. There was maybe one car for every thousand people, yet almost everyone had a driveway.

It was almost like building the driveway was a way of willing the car to happen. The story of Soweto is the story of the driveways. There was no indoor running water, just one communal outdoor tap and one outdoor toilet shared by six or seven houses.

Our toilet was in a corrugated-iron outhouse shared among the adjoining houses. Inside, there was a concrete slab with a hole in it and a plastic toilet seat on top; there had been a lid at some point, but it had broken and disappeared long ago. The newspaper was uncomfortable, but at least I stayed informed while I handled my business.

It was a long drop to the bottom, and they were always down there, eating on the pile, and I had an irrational, all-consuming fear that they were going to fly up and into my bum. One afternoon, when I was around five years old, my gran left me at home for a few hours to go run errands. I was lying on the floor in the bedroom, reading. I needed to go, but it was pouring down rain. I was dreading going outside to use the toilet, getting drenched running out there, water dripping on me from the leaky ceiling, wet newspaper, the flies attacking me from below.

Then I had an idea. Why bother with the outhouse at all? Why not put some newspaper on the floor and do my business like a puppy? That seemed like a fantastic idea. I took the newspaper, laid it out on the kitchen floor, pulled down my pants, and squatted and got to it.

You are not yet a shitting person. It takes a minute to get the first shit out of the way and get in the zone and get comfortable. I think God made humans shit in the way we do because it brings us back down to earth and gives us humility.

The pope shits. The Queen of England shits. When we shit we forget our airs and our graces, we forget how famous or how rich we are.

All of that goes away. You have that moment where you realize, This is me. This is who I am. You can pee without giving it a second thought, but not so with shitting. The outhouse ruins that for you.

The rain, the flies, you are robbed of your moment, and nobody should be robbed of that. Squatting and shitting on the kitchen floor that day, I was like, Wow. There are no flies.

This is really great. Then I casually looked around the room and I glanced to my left and there, just a few feet away, right next to the coal stove, was Koko.

It was like the scene in Jurassic Park when the children turn and the T. Her eyes were wide open, cloudy white and As Much - The Look Machine - Above This Clouded Mind (CD around the room. I panicked. I was mid-shit. Then: the softest plop of a little-boy turd on the newspaper. I held my breath and waited. Trevor, is that you?! Every time she called out, I froze. There would be complete silence. Finally, after what felt like forever, I finished. I stood up, took the newspaper—which is not the quietest thing—and I slowwwwwly folded it over.

It crinkled. Then I folded it over some more, walked over to the rubbish bin, placed my sin at the bottom, and gingerly covered it with the rest of the trash. Then I tiptoed back to the other room, curled up on the mattress on the floor, and pretended to be asleep.

The shit was done, no outhouse involved, and Koko was none the wiser. Mission accomplished. My grandmother came home. The second she walked in, Koko called out to her.

Yes, I can smell it, too. Is it a rat? Did something die? The second she walked in, my gran called out to her. What do you mean? Then my mom, who has a keen sense of smell, started going around the kitchen, sniffing.

She showed it to gran. How did it get there?! Did you find it?! I called out to everyone. Nobody came. Once my mom found the turd, all hell broke loose. This was serious. They had evidence. She came into the bedroom. Wake up!

It was all hands on deck, time for action. The first thing we had to do was go outside and burn the shit. We went out to the yard, and my mom put the newspaper with my little turd on the driveway, lit a match, and set it on fire. Then my mom and my gran stood around the burning shit, praying and singing songs of praise. So we needed everyone. The alarm was raised. The call went out.

My tiny old gran was out the gate, going up and down the block, calling to all the other old grannies for an emergency prayer meeting. I knew there was no demon, but there was no way I could come clean.

The hiding I would have to endure? Good Lord. Honesty was never the best policy when it came to a hiding. I kept quiet. Moments later the grannies came streaming in with their Bibles, through the gate and up the driveway, a dozen or more at least.

Everyone went inside. Everyone sat in the circle, praying and praying, and the prayers were strong. The grannies were chanting and murmuring and swaying back and forth, speaking in tongues.

I was doing my best to keep my head low and stay out of it. Then my grandmother reached back and grabbed me, pulled me into the middle of the circle, and looked into my eyes. Pray, Trevor. Pray to God to kill the demon! I believed in the power of prayer. I knew that my prayers worked.

So if I prayed to God to kill the thing that left the shit, and the thing that left the shit was me, then God was going to kill me. I froze. But all the grannies were looking at me, waiting for me to pray, so I prayed, stumbling through as best I could. Eventually I wrapped it up and sat back down. The praying continued. It went on for some time. That night I felt terrible. I know this was not cool. God is your father. When you pray, He stops and He takes His time and He listens, and I had subjected Him to two hours of old grannies praying when I knew that with all the pain and suffering in the world He had more important things to deal with than my shit.

Most of them were dubbed into African languages. ALF was in Afrikaans. Transformers was in Sotho. But if you wanted to watch them in English, the original American audio would be simulcast on the radio. You could mute your TV and listen to that. Watching those shows, I realized that whenever black people were on-screen speaking in African languages, they felt familiar to me.

They sounded like they were supposed to sound. My perception of them changed. They felt like foreigners. Language brings with it an identity and a culture, or at least the perception of it. Part of the effort to divide black people was to make sure we were separated not just physically but by language as well. In the Bantu schools, children were only taught in their home language. Zulu kids learned in Zulu. Tswana kids learned in Tswana.

The great thing about language is that you can just as easily use it to do the opposite: convince people that they are the same. Racism teaches us that we are different because of the color of our skin.

Something is off here. I was a doctor and they were my patients. All hell broke loose. My grandmother came running in from the kitchen. We were all crying. But we kept crying. Then she beat the shit out of Mlungisi, too.

Later that night my mother came home from work. She found my cousin with a bandage over her ear and my gran crying at the kitchen table. A black child, you hit them and they stay black. Trevor, when you hit him he turns blue and green and yellow and red. My grandmother treated me like I was white. My grandfather did, too, only he was even more extreme. What was I going to say? I was five. I sat in the back. My own family basically did what the American justice system does: I was given more lenient treatment than the black kids.

Misbehavior that my cousins would have been punished for, I was given a warning and let off. And I was way naughtier than either of my cousins. I was trouble.

My mom was the only force I truly feared. She believed if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. Growing up the way I did, I learned how easy it is for white people to get comfortable with a system that awards them all the perks. Why would I do that? I had a choice. I went with the cookies. I thought of it as having to do with Trevor. I had no other points of reference. Ninety-nine point nine percent of them were black—and then there was me. I was famous in my neighborhood just because of the color of my skin.

I was so unique people would give directions using me as a landmark. Take a right there. Others would call out to their parents to come look. Others would run up and try to touch me to see if I was real. It was pandemonium. Few people had televisions.

I think people felt like the dead person was more important because a white person had come to the funeral. After a funeral, the mourners all go to the house of the surviving family to eat. Usually you get a cow and slaughter it and your neighbors come over and help you cook.

Neighbors and acquaintances eat outside in the yard and in the street, and the family eats indoors. The family would see me and invite me in. Bring him in here. Dad was the white chocolate, mom was the dark chocolate, and I was the milk chocolate. But we were all just chocolate. My mother never referred to my dad as white or to me as mixed. I can see how you made that mistake. Soweto was a melting pot: families from different tribes and homelands.

Most kids in the township spoke only their home language, but I learned several languages because I grew up in a house where there was no option but to learn them. My mom made sure English was the first language I spoke.

English is the language of money. English comprehension is equated with intelligence. After English, Xhosa was what we spoke around the house. As a naughty child, I was well versed in Xhosa threats. Outside of that, my mother picked up different languages here and there. She spoke German because of my father. She spoke Afrikaans because it is useful to know the language of your oppressor.

Sotho she learned in the streets. Living with my mom, I saw how she used language to cross boundaries, handle situations, navigate the world. You know how they love to steal. I would simulcast—give you the program in your own tongue. There would be a brief moment of confusion, and then the suspicious look would disappear. I thought you were a stranger. One day as a young man I was walking down the street, and a group of Zulu guys was walking behind me, closing in on me, and I could hear them talking to one another about how they were going to mug me.

Phuma ngapha mina ngizoqhamuka ngemuva kwakhe. Mina ngikulindele. We thought you were something else. We were trying to steal from white people. Have a good day, man. That, and so many other smaller incidents in my life, made me realize that language, even more than color, defines who you are to people. I became a chameleon. If you spoke to me in Zulu, I replied to you in Zulu. If you spoke to me in Tswana, I replied to you in Tswana.

Classes taught by nuns. Mass on Fridays. The whole bit. I started preschool there when I was three, primary school when I was five. In my class we had all kinds of kids. Black kids, white kids, Indian kids, colored kids. Most of the white kids were pretty well off. But because of scholarships we all sat at the same table. We wore the same maroon blazers, the same gray slacks and skirts. We had the same books. We had the same teachers. There was no racial separation.

Every clique was racially mixed. Kids still got teased and bullied, but it was over usual kid stuff: being fat or being skinny, being tall or being short, being smart or being dumb. I had a wide berth to explore myself. I had crushes on white girls. I had crushes on black girls. Nobody asked me what I was. I was Trevor. It was a wonderful experience to have, but the downside was that it sheltered me from reality. Racism exists. And at some point, you have to choose.

Black or white. Pick a side. You can try to hide from it. At the end of grade six I left Maryvale to go to H. Jack Primary, a government school. Of the thirty or so kids in my class, almost all of them were white. There was one Indian kid, maybe one or two black kids, and me. Then recess came. We went out on the playground, and black kids were everywhere. It was an ocean of black, like someone had opened a tap and all the black had come pouring out.

I was like, Where were they all hiding? Were we going to meet up later on? I did not understand what was happening. I was eleven years old, and it was like I was seeing my country for the first time. And at Maryvale, the kids were mixed up and hanging out together. Before that day, I had never seen people being together and yet not together, occupying the same space yet choosing not to associate with each other in any way.

In an instant I could see, I could feel, how the boundaries were drawn. Groups moved in color patterns across the yard, up the stairs, down the hall. It was insane. Now I realized how few of them there actually were compared to everyone else. Luckily, I was rescued by the Indian kid from my class, a guy named Theesan Pillay. He ran over to introduce himself. Who are you? He took me under his wing, the Artful Dodger to my bewildered Oliver.

Through our conversation it came up that I spoke several African languages, and Theesan thought a colored kid speaking black languages was the most amazing trick. He brought me over to a group of black kids. Everyone cheered. Another kid said something in Xhosa, and I replied to him in Xhosa.

For the rest of recess Theesan took Album) around to different black kids on the playground. Do your language thing. So the fact that I did speak African languages immediately endeared me to the black kids.

Have you not seen yourself? Because of my color, they thought I was a colored person, but speaking the same languages meant that I belonged to their tribe. It just took them a moment to figure it out. It took me a moment, too.

Suddenly, I knew who my people were, and I wanted to be with them. I went to see the school counselor. English is English. This essay is all over the place.

That alone makes him a great President. As for jazz: it had its day, but its time to let it go. But we need to clear the cultural clutter first. About them one might say. Often by great artists, some mentioned, such as Miles, though not the Modern Jazz Quartet. But not generally included among them were those that performed much older songbooks, by artists like Bach whose music had endured in popularity over centuries.

And even earlier, on a larger scale, alluding to an older American songbook, Charles Ives. Those two clowns lost the plot a long time ago. Uh, James, Hillary is a terrible example of the Boomer left, or the left of anything.

She and her husband are neoliberals or downright conservative, as your colleague Chris Hedges and other have pointed out numerous times. She and Bill are total frauds. Do you know how many Boomers who think themselves liberal or progressive? Personally, I loathe jazz clubs — most are shabby, overpriced, overcrowded, underwhelming shitholes in need of fumigation and a deep steam cleaning. Give me a beautiful outdoor stage or a vintage theater, but you can keep those dirty tourist traps with their stupid drink minimums, tiny tables, and dirty floors.

No thanks! Alas, you paint an accurate picture- of jazz clubs post 60s -when what you describe about them w regard to the haughtiness and snobbery took over everything. Blame them! The boomers enabled it by their failure to follow up on the promises of the sixties. Corporate USA moved heaven and hell to ensure they were sufficiently distracted.

No need to apportion blame to the boomers…just try not to drink the kool-aid! I have my own bias against this article: I hate generalizations. Boomers are defined, in most quarters, as anyone born between and By their mid-teens, cool jazz—which I liken to elevator music—had supplanted much of what we call classic jazz.

Was that the fault of those boomers? Culture is something you acquire through exposure. Where were they to find their role models. Is there any evidence that the older group, those born between andabandoned jazz?

Do we have polling data on that? It seems to me that the jazz fans in that group—and how many were there, exactly? By the fifties, the field of competition had greatly expanded as other genres gained popularity. Much of that early rock was subversive. I was born inand I love jazz although not cool jazzrock, and folk equally. I agree and disagree with this article. Strange Fruit is a song that tears you apart when listening, but when you hear her album of love songs you just want to melt in her lovely voice.

Sadly, this is nothing new when it comes to human culture. Hell, check out the era of latin music and latin jazz— a lot of music with some great themes! Will I curse his name? But it does make me reflect that just as some stars shine bright, others will fade away due to circumstances. Thanks for writing this. Jazz committed suicide. Jazz has always meant innovation and experimentation, but as with any art, the artist needs to come some way toward the audience. By the time jazz musicians realized they had lost their audience, it was too late.

Author: I agree. Needs to be edited by the author…. My article was a work in progress, and when I was asked for permission to publish it by Annenberg, I told them I first wanted to review it for typos and grammatical errors, however they published it almost immediately before I had that opportunity. Coltrane has more depth and passion and soul than Kenny G? Tolstoy novels have more intelligence, subtlety and nuance that Jacqueline Susann novels? I agree! So what?

What does that have to do with anything? How could one tell? You then wrote a long article supporting her contention, why is it important to us to understand who inspired it.

Ultimately, you seem to be agreeing with her premise. And that premise is really shaky. Let me ask you something. Your basic premise, however, rings with truth. The arts are virtually no more in this country due to the corporatization of our culture. Many parents looked the other way while corporations spoonfed their children that shit from an early age. Jazz is an improvised art form and is still going strong. Great players out there.

Streaming and companies like Universal have killed the industry. He also loved Hendrix, Prince etc. This article reminds me of Ken Burns doc on Jazz.

You would think one would have to go into the subbasement of the Smithsonian to find it. Covered in dust and cobwebs. BTW who gives a rats ass what a corrupt president plays at their inauguration?! Their corrupt politicians installed into office. No one asked my opinion, I realize, but… I found this whole article annoying.

I think the Beatles were capable of tenderness and wit. A good deal of rockers were against mindless consumerism or satirized it. That being said I do think it seems like rock, especially of the Boomers, ultimately did lead to a decline of instrumental music and to me that is kind of negative.

Jazz had great singers, but it had many great instrumentalists. I think this in some ways makes it more universal. Also the instrumentation of jazz is a good deal more varied and interesting than all but maybe some progressive rock. I mean Yusef Lateef did flute, saxophone, oboe, even a kind of Chinese ocarina. Still I think rock is at times meaningful and good to dance too.

And some of the Boomerish rockers did respect music people of the past. I also agree with those who say free jazz kind of ruined jazz even if that makes me square. More China bashing, anyone? Yes of course: communism is evil and incapable of anything good blah blah blah.

Typical American, brainwashed about the evils of socialism since the turn of the last century. Quite to the contrary of the author and his jazz dancing friend, Mao Zedong saved China from ending up another puppet state being raped by Western imperialism.

I get so sick of American knee-jerk China bashing like this author does here. Especially as a Gen X cusp Baby Boomer person. I grew up in Baby Boomer culture. I also have plenty of criticisms of rock, metal, rap and pop but critiques or war, fascism, racism, ecological destruction, mainstream corporate culture can be found in almost every genre of music.

They are also voices of social consciousness. In this talk, Peter Buckland provides over 40 years of songs on the threats from nuclear war, globalization, the invasion of Iraq, demagogue politicians, and human-caused climate change. In my opinion, John Coltrane is the greatest jazz musician ever, but the Beatles surpassed him. You get a time period where a group of individuals start a strong groove and it feeds itself. New ground is dug up, seeds are planted and life is strong.

Then you get hit with a drought and you move on. He told Ryu that he'll show him real Muay Thai, and the two would clash. After regaining consciousness and discovering what had happened, Sagat swears vengeance on Ryu. Akuma telling Ryu about the Satsui no Hado. Ryu leaves Sagat behind and continues training travelling to various location pondering the question "What is the meaning of anything in life? Ryu refused to believe he achieved his goal so soon and continued his training, learning new moves in the process.

He proceeds to tell Ryu about the Satsui no Hado - a power that consumes the practitioners of their shared fighting styledriving them to win even when it means killing the opponent.

Akuma then uses his fist to smash the island, leaving Ryu stranded. Sometime after escaping the island, Ken finds Ryu. He asks Ken what it means to be a true fighter, he wonders if he should use the same fist he used to defeat Sagat or the one Akuma uses to murder people. Ken sees that Ryu's gone back to his usual bad habit of overthinking things and fights him as an attempt to wake him up. He reminds Ryu to keep fighting in order to find the answer and gives him his red hairband and that whenever he feels lost, he should use it as a reminder of their fight and to keep fighting to find the answer.

Ryu happily takes the headband and they both go their separate ways. Ryu replies that he himself still has much to learn, but allows Sakura to take a picture of him for now. At some point, Ryu is found by Sagat, who is out for a grudge match. Ryu protests that Sagat hasn't fully recovered from their last bout, but Sagat persists. Ryu lets Sagat win rather than do any further damage, and Sagat leaves.

Only later, upon reflection, does Sagat realize that Ryu held back, vowing to fight him again. Ryu continues to be troubled by what Akuma had told him, compounded by his encounter with Rosewho has intricate ties to M.

She tells him that he cannot defeat Bison unless he fights him at the cost of his soul. True to form, when Ryu confronts Bison, he is defeated despite putting up a valiant fight. Bison takes the semi-conscious Ryu and begins brainwashing him, using the revelation that the Satsui no Hado - the dark power Ryu struggles to avoid using - is akin to Bison's own Psycho Power.

This scene is interrupted by the entrance of Sagat, Ken, and Sakura, each of them having followed Ryu for their own reasons. While Ken and Sakura distract Bison, Sagat fights the brainwashed Ryu, quickly noticing the effects Bison's brainwashing has had on him.

At Sagat's urging, Ryu comes to his senses to confront and defeat Bison, destroying him temporarily. Ryu enters the World Warrior tournament to test his skills, and defeats many of the new warriors. However, Ken's promise to Eliza doesn't exist in any other source or the original text of Eternal Challenge. In Gamest it mentions Ryu avoiding M. Bison's flaming remnants after his body was destroyed by Akuma hinting that Ryu made to the finals.

However, Bison refused Guile's offer to surrender himself to the military before unleashing all of his Psycho Power to commit suicide. The animation being canon is unknown as Capcom hasn't mentioned it in other media. Capcom revisits Akuma killing M. In his non-canon ending, he shortly leaves the tournament after he wins against Bison, and revisits his master's grave to tell about his victory and the experiences he had with the other fighters.

Ryu then states that the ultimate battle is out there waiting for him and departs, stating that the fight is everything. In the non-canon HD RemixRyu appears in Ken's ending, appearing in a somewhat blurry photo with Guile wearing a tuxedo but still wearing his red headband. This is the first time Ryu is seen wearing anything other than his gi.

After the World Warrior tournament, Ryu continued his journey and wound up in an isolated desert where he trained. Ryu then remembers his argument with Akuma, with Akuma urging Ryu to give in to the Dark Hado or else he will kill him.

Ryu then leaves a desert and goes to a bar where he meets a biker. The biker then tells him a story about an American Martial Arts Champion who abandoned his family. Believing it to be Ken, Ryu visits the house of the said champion but is ambushed by C. Suddenly, the Delta Red agent Cammy then attempts to ambush C. Viper but would easily defeat her. Luckily for Viper, she manages to escape the possessed Ryu. Angered, Ryu then slaughters multiple S. Sakura would then restrain the possessed Ryu as Ken calls the hospital to help Cammy.

Ryu would then regain his consciousness and realize what he has done. After being sent to Ken's mansion, Ryu realizes he is being targeted by S. N and its leader Seth for their evil plans. With Guile's plan to infiltrate Seth's cruise ship to incarcerate him, Ryu then tags along, knowing that Seth would be waiting for him. After traveling to the base, Ryu and Ken then dispatch multiple S.

N thugs before Ryu encounters Seth himself. Ryu and Seth then engage, with Seth easily overpowering Ryu and giving him his twisted philosophy of power. Ryu then admits that he never understood what power is and that he understands Seth's philosophy fore stating that the power he describes is not what he's after.

Seth, unamused, continues beating up Ryu before Ryu awakens a new power and nearly kills Seth with it. Ryu then collapses from this power, and senses it in Ken. A few days later, Ryu and Ken then part ways, with Ryu stating that they will meet again. Ryu then enters into a new tournament to further master his skills as well as reunite with his longtime friend Ken for another rematch. During his journey, he meets up with Sakura whom he encourages to train harder.

Meanwhile Ryu also meets up with Sagat once more; the two fight, and while the result of the fight is unknown, it is implied that Ryu won. During the final round with the tournament host Seth actually a copy of himhe defeats him in the S. During this, Sakura - who has been searching for Ryu - finds him and the BLECE machine, and a pulse of energy from it knocks her into a wall.

Ryu defends her by unleashing a Shoryuken on the machine, and they leave the building together, the weapon destroyed.

He then encounters Gouken, who has in fact survived his last battle with Akuma, and Gouken uses the " Power of Nothingness " to seal the Satsui no Hado which is eating at Ryu, knocking him unconscious.

Later, Ryu and Ken chase their long-lost master along a cliff face, with Ken wanting Gouken to stick around while Ryu wishes him well. Afterwards, he and Ken are walking through the desert while Rufus mocks them on his motorcycle, though it later breaks down and he is left pushing it while Ryu and Ken drive by in Ken's jeep. Ryu later bids Sakura farewell as she, Dan and Blanka leave for home on a cruise ship.

Sometime later, having decided that his battles have made him stronger, he meets a now-older Sakura. Prologue - 'Finding True Strength' - In his dream, he is fighting against his evil selfclaiming to him that the power to kill will make him stronger, which Ryu ultimately rejects it. Gouken is in a sparring match during the incident.

Ryu charges himself in the Satsui no Hado and attempts to hit his master with a single Hadoken. It explodes in a flash of light. Ryu wakes up from his dream with Gouken telling him that the Satsui no Hado almost consumed him.

Rashid and Azam find Ryu, introducing himself as a hero who travels the world. Gouken questions Rashid why he comes to see Ryu. Rashid states he wants to challenge Ryu in a match which is to test his mettle. Ryu doesn't immediately get up to fight, worrying about the Satsui no Hado, which confuses Rashid and has Gouken questioning him why he didn't do it, citing Ryu's quote "The answer lies in the heart of battle".

Ryu eventually gets up and spars with Rashid, resulting in a victory. Rashid learns from the fight about himself. He thanks Ryu for the lesson and leaves. Ryu decides that he should leave, too, and better understand his power. Gouken tells Ryu to meet Ken, who has been concerned about him. Ryu and Ken finally meet in Brazil. Ken was told by Gouken about Ryu's struggles with the Satsui no Hado and thinks a good match can solve it, so they fight. Afterwards, Ryu still worries about the Satsui no Hado.

Ken reassures Ryu that if Ryu falls over to the dark side, he'll take him down and stop it. Ken tells Ryu to just relax and fight. Ryu goes to China and gets ambushed by a Shadaloo soldier. Nash comes in and takes down the soldier.

Nash expected to see Ryu, which triggers a bit of Satsui no Hado within him. Nash says they have to fight so he can understand the power and know its limits. The fight ultimately ends in a draw. Nash is surprised by the power, having it surpass his expectations. Ryu tells him that he tries to suppress the power and struggles with it, but has decided to not let it take him over, which Nash respects.

Ryu thanks him for the fight and Nash leaves. Ryu meets with Dhalsim, training Mahesh, and says he is still struggling with the Satsui no Hado and needs help.

They decide to have a spar. After the spar, Dhalsim tells him that suppressing the power will eventually lead to the power consuming him. He tells him that he needs to face the Hado and conquer it. Necalli drops down from above, looking to consume fighters' souls. Dhalsim defends Mahesh while Ryu fights Necalli. Necalli overpowers Ryu, which almost triggers his dark power.

Dhalsim takes Ryu's punch, proclaiming that he can't let the Hado take him over. Dhalsim fights off Necalli. Ryu notices a Black Moon veering over and blocking the sun, which gives him visions of M. Necalli eventually melts away temporarily. He is told about Necalli by Dhalsim, telling him that Necalli is an ancient being that consumes warriors' souls and only appears when many warriors are needed in a crisis.

Ryu concludes that the world is in crisis because of the Black Moons. Ryu finally joins up with Ken, Chun-Li and Karin as they team up to make a final assault against Shadaloo. As Chun-Li defeats F. After an epic long battle, Bison isn't giving up yet, until Ryu hits him with a Hadoken, infused with the Power of Nothingness, seemingly hinting at Ryu's mastery of the power and a sublimation of the Satsui No Hado.

Bison's body begins to crack as it dissipates in a flash of light, defeating the madman. After the incident, Ryu is meditating as Ken visits him for the second time. He challenges him for a friendly sparring match as he tells Ryu to prove if he already found his answer. Ryu is able to defeat Ken as Ken also manages to knock Ryu's red headband. As it falls on the ground, Ryu realizes that he already found the answer to his true strength. As he gets his headband, Ken is happy to see his friend has grown, and Ryu also says that he still needs his headband for the battle.

The two are later seen having a friendly fist bump with each other. At the age of 33, Ryu continues his travelling day to day with the aim of becoming a true warrior. After being hit by Zangief's Double LariatHogen went on a rampage while returning to the ring and picked up a chair and threw at a woman in the crowd, Ryu deflected the chair and Sean knocked him out to avoid injury to the audience.

Ryu enters the World Warrior tournament to further advance his fighting abilities. His most notable fight during the tournament is against Hugo, who is able to withstand his Shin Shoryuken and hold his own. Ryu ends up being defeated by Oro who likes him to be his successor. Ryu easily defeats him from time to time with just a single Hadoken as he noticed his actions.

Ryu also serves as Hugo's pro-wrestling tag-team partner for a brief period of time before moving on, also shown in Hugo's storyline. A year later, Ryu meets up with Ken for a friendly match in the latter's storyline, from which he emerges the victor.

Ryu encourages the young wrestler to continue honing his abilities against strong opponents. Fascinated by Ryu's skill and determined to become stronger, Alex soon sets out to find Ryu for a rematch. In Oro's ending, Ryu is shown training but is unaware of Oro's presence as he only heard his voice.

In his ending, Ryu is under a waterfall practicing his mind and body. He mumbles about the meaning of a true warrior, why he needs to be strong and reminisces his youthful days. A single leaf falls over him and he crushes the leaf with his left hand. Ryu believes that as long as his strong opponents and some fierce battles will excite him, he will possess the strength to move even one of his fingers and decides to keep on fighting.

Ryu has appeared as a playable character in every installment of the SNK vs. Capcom series. His personality is depicted as having a slightly sarcastic demeanor to some foes, but is praised by a few other characters. Ryu aims to be a "true fighter" who's not ruled by wealth and fame. Naturally, he wasn't interested in the prize money for the tournament. However, the Satsui no Hado which slept in him shook him. He could feel the soul of a powerful enemy he has not yet seen, so he enters the tournament to test his abilities and meet someone stronger than him.

Ryu enters the million dollar tournament hosted by the Garcia Financial Clique and the Masters Foundation. His ending has two variations, both his, and an extended version seen when the game is cleared with Red Arremer. In Ryu's ending, he states that his experiences tell that there are plenty more worthy opponents in the world, and Ryu sets out once again in his journey. In the extended version, after Ryu's statement, an extra scene is shown with Akuma observing Ryu from a long distance, stating that he will continue to monitor his progress.

Ryu is a playable character in X-Men vs. Street Fighter and appears in Wolverine 's ending. Ryu is a playable character in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. When Ryu was asked by Captain As Much - The Look Machine - Above This Clouded Mind (CD and other superheroes if he wanted to join the Avengershe told them that he must continue to follow his own path to mastery.

The others respect his wish and bade him their luck on his adventures. In his ending, Ryu is shown to continue his journey in search for strong challengers. This leads him to a confrontation with Iron Fistand Wolverine in a team-up with the X-Men against Docter Doomhe appears in the expansion released later the same year, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Ryu is shown using the mystic arts of K'un-Lun to fight off Akuma, stating it is the perfect counter and alternative to the Satsui no Hado.

Ryu appears playable character in the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. They join the party midway into the story while following a robotic version of Axel Stone from a martial arts tournament in New York to an area where the party find themselves cornered by M.

Bison and Juri. Ryu's role in the story is somewhat important; Bison, having taken an interest in Ryu's Satsui no Hado along with Kazuya's and Jin's Devil Geneoften crosses paths with the party in Ryu's pursuit. Although Bison doesn't find an opportunity to capture Ryu and the Satsui no Hado, he manages to brainwash Ken instead later on, forcing Ryu and Ken to fight. Ryu uses the power summoned by the Satsui no Hado to beat the Psycho Power out of Ken using a Metsu Hadokenfreeing Ken and allowing the two to return to the party; despite being non-canon, this is one of the very few instances where Ryu is shown to be able to control the Satsui no Hado at will.

In their ending, Ryu begins to succumb to the Satsui no Hado as the Pandora 's box is about to open. As the blinding light disappears, Ryu is nowhere to be found. Only his red headband was left on the ground, which Ken picks up as he wonders where he disappeared to.

Ryu's text ending suggests that two things could have happened when he vanished: that he either succumbed to Pandora's power and disappeared with it, or he sacrificed himself to protect the world from the box. There is no certain answer given, but it suggests that Ryu will not be gone for too long.

Ryu appeared playable in Tatsunoko vs. Capcomalong with Chun-Li and Alex. In Capcom's 3D beat 'em up game, Asura's WrathRyu appears in a special post-launch DLC mode for the game as a boss opponent with the player using the eponymous character in the "Lost Episodes" series.

The story starts with Ryu being suddenly warped to Asura's world through a dimensional rip and is suddenly challenged by the god wherein he is challenged to two 1-round matches in the vein of Super Street Fighter IV. In between matches however, Ryu will switch Ultras. The player character, Asura, uses a Burst gauge much like in his native gameplay.

The battle draws to a close when Asura uppercuts Ryu straight off of the Earth and lands on the moon, inadvertently bringing about Evil Ryu.

The episode ends when Akuma also manages to appear, wanting to challenge Asura personally. His stage is designed after an old Japanese castle. The background where the player battles him is reminiscent of that of Ryu's original arena in Street Fighter II.

Ryu appears as a downloadable content character in the Super Smash Bros. His appearance marks the first time a Super Smash Bros. Ryu's Special attacks consist of his usual signature moves the Hadoken, Shoryuken, Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku, and a Focus Attack as well as some of his standard basic moves. Much like his home series, each of Ryu's attacks has three levels based on his light, medium and heavy attacks: performing the attacks with a simple button tap like most other characters in the game is the weakest, but good for combos, while holding the button for a second makes the attack slightly stronger, and slamming the button and D-pad in the desired direction will do the most damage.

Using the directional commands from the Street Fighter series as opposed to the standard Smash Bros. His normal moveset uses his normals, but features different attacks based on either tapping or holding down the attack button, has his Collarbone Breaker as his standard side attack and has his Joudan Sokutogeri as his forward Smash. He is essentially a truly combo-oriented character who can be played either like a traditional Smash Bros.

For his Final Smash attacks, he uses either the Shinku Hadoken if the enemy is in the air or far away, or the Shin Shoryuken if the opponent is on the ground in front of him. Ryu, M. Ryu is a playable character in the seasonal event Granblue Fighter Ultrahe returns in the event Granblue Fighter V [75]. Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Ryu is an optional leader for Dragoncraft decks. Ryu is a playable guest character in this game.

Ryu is a playable character in this game. As Rita Repulsa's hold on the Morphin Grid stretches across multiverses, Ryu senses the disturbance too late before he, along with his allies and enemies, are sucked into the Grid, pitted against warriors from the Power Rangers multiverse. On July 19th,a new update was released that gave Ryu a second form, becoming the Ryu Ranger.

The Jodan Sanrengeki delivers a one-two punch before delivering a powerful kick. The Sokuto Rush allows Ryu to deliver a dashing kick that can blow back his opponents. The Hadoken is now red and yellow and bears a hawk-like image and the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku has been modified into the basic Tatsumakitrapping opponents in a whirlwind kick.

His Shoryuken has been left untouched. The Hadoken and Tatsumaki also has super attack variants - the Taka Tatsumaki increases Ryu's reach with the Tatsumaki while the Taka Hadoken has Ryu fire a larger fireball with the form of a hawk, which can strike and lift up an opponent for extra damage. Bison and rescuing the warrior Ninjor.

Ryu returns as a fighter alongside Ken as a newcomer. Ryu's normals are adjusted to include proximity variants that are special cancellable and more combo-friendly, and now always faces his opponent in 1v1 matches. Ryu has been training in with his best friend Ken under Gouken to become a better fighter. One night, Choa friend of Ken, tells them the dangers of Shadalooit's leader Bisontheir works of evil and corruption and a special serum know as DOLL they developed.

Unknowing to them, Shadaloo has been tracking them, they begin to attack Ryu and Ken, Ryu was able to defeat Sagatbut could not find Ken or Cho, he went to find Gouken, only to find Gouken on the floor and dead, Ryu had also believed that Cho and Ken were killed by Shadaloo. At some point, he goes to the Island known as Shad which is hosting a tournament by Shadaloo, on the island, he meets Cho's girlfriend Po-Lin and her younger brother Wong-Meihe tells that he was a friend of Cho and about the night Shadaloo attacked them, he tells then Cho was murdered by them.

At some point, he finds out Ken was alive, but was unaware that he was being brainwashed by Bison under the serem of DOLL. He attacks him with his ShoryukenRyu falls to the ground as he is being covered in cement by the brainwashed Ken, however, Ryu's hand was still able to move and he was able to break through the cement, and finds Chun-Li about to be stabbed by a member of Shadaloo in a medical bed.

Ryu saves her by attacking the Shadaloo member, and goes to follow Ken to find out where Bison was. Ryu went to fight Bison after Ken was defeated by him, as he fought against Bison, the police had surrounded the Island bringing Bison to justice, he was able to overcome Bison's attacks, telling him that he is not a murderer who enjoys reeking Album) like him.

Ryu sets on another journey to prove his skills, before he leaves, he tells Ken, Po-Lin and Wong-Mei that they will meet again someday, now that Cho has been avenged and Shadaloo is no longer a danger to Po-Lin and Wong-Mei, he feels pride at what he did, knowing that they will be safe. At some point later, he goes to a strange island, he sees a darker-counterpart of himself as it tries to attack him, he eventually comes across Ken, Chun-Li, and Guile, each of them were on their own adventure for their own personal reason, they all were fighting a darker-counterpart of themselves, now knowing they were on no normal island.

They eventually come across Bison and his Henchman as they too have had the same situation like the othersthey had no choice but to work together in order to escape this island alive, they come across their darker-counterparts each of them out to destroy their normal-counterparts.

As they fight for their lives, Ryu hits a steaming pipe that eventually causes a chain reaction for the Island to sink into the sea, they find their boat and leave the island, Bison and his men escape into their own ship, letting them know that the battle to stop him from taking over the world is far from over.

Ryu is still under training as he performs a forbidden version of the Shoryuken, he told his master that he came up with this move under a waterfall, knowing the potential dangers of the Satsui no Hado, Gouken told him to never use that move no matter what. At some point, he fights against Birdie and eventually meets Sagat, he is overpowered by Sagat and gets possessed by the Satsui no Hado, defeating Sagat with ease, fearing the dangerous effects of this power, Ryu did not think it would be wise to get into any fights, he goes to work for Birdie as a bodyguard, he finds out that the police has surrounded the ship.

Ryu took a bullet for Birdie as he was about to be shot in the legs, as bullets had entered in Ryu's chest, he felt the Satsui no Hado awaken as the bullets burst out of his chest, he tells everybody to run as he is transforming into a demon, as he transforms, he jumps from a ship to another one with a hurricane kick, destroying a part of it. Ryu starts to attack the police who shot him as they tried to defend themselves with their gun, only for him dodge their bullets, as he tries to attack the cop, he holds back the attack Ryu's mind is trying to regain his controlas he fights against the cops, he comes across Chun-Li and Birdie, who are seeking to help him overcome the Satsui no Hado, he overpowers them with ease, but regains his control back before he could finish off Chun-Li.

At Interpol H. He watches Ken win the battle against Dan as he notices Ken using the Shoryuken as a finishing move against his opponents in the tournament, after the tournament was finished, he asked Ken the reason for why did he used the Shoryuken, telling him how dangerous that particular move was, he tells Ken that the Satsui no Hado can take over a person when they are close to being murdered and searching for the ultimate battle to the point when it can even cost that person their life, he tells Ken that he wants to fight him in a battle where he may get killed thinking it is the only way he can overcome the Satsui no Hadoas they fight, Ken used the Shoryuken on Ryu which knocks him near the sea.

Ryu tells Ken that he has no idea what it is like to be possessed by the Satsui no Hado and losing control, Ken told that he would have to kill Ryu if he ever lost himself entirely to the Satsui no Hado, he tells Ryu that it was their master who had agreed to this choice, Ryu used the Shoryuken on Ken as he himself used the same move as well on Ryu, he could not help Ryu overcome the Satsui no Hado and gave him his hairband, at some point, they meet Charlie, who is also involved with taking out Shadaloo and tells them that the ninja known as Guy has been searching for the base of Shadaloo and its boss because of many attacks of many people that were all related to Shadaloo.

Charlie and Chun-Li were planing to get info on their next plain as they found out that Shadaloo has been setting up a tournament as a means to control people on an Island, as they made their way to the island, they see brutal members of Shadaloo violently hurting innocent fighters who were going to the tournament for many reasons, they see a brainwashed Cammy violently attack Dan, Ryu wanted to stop this Chaos before this fight gets lethal, but Chun-Li held him back, as she regretfully told him and Ken that they cannot help him.

Having previously been seen in flashbacks, Ryu appears in the second and final volume of Sakura Ganbaru! At the area around Suzaku Castle in Japan, Sakura finds Ryu and shed tears of joy, much to his confusion. Sakura proceeded to challenge him to a fight, which Ryu promptly accepted. Ryu held back for some time, but upon realizing Sakura's true strength, started to go all out.

In the end, they promised to meet again and, as Ryu started to leave, Sakura took a photograph to have something to remember him by. Years later, Sakura, now a P. The story ends with Ryu challenging Sakura to a street fight, and moving in to trade the first blows. This story takes place several years after the events of the Street Fighter Alpha manga. In here, Ryu seeks to become what is known as "a true fighter".

He works hard in his training, but still can't find the answer on his own. One day, during a sparring match with his friend Ken, Ryu is soundly defeated by his rival, with the latter revealing that he discovered the secret to becoming a true fighter shortly after having defeated Gill.

From this point on in the story, Ryu decides to travel throughout the world to find out exactly how to become a true fighter.

In his travels, Ryu meets Oro, who guides him through various battles against the likes of Hugo, Yun, Yang, Dudley and even his old rival Sagat. After having defeated all of these opponents, Ryu rendezvous back in Japan with Ken, where the two fight one more time. It is then decided that the winner of their fight Ryu will avenge the death of the master Gouken against the likes of Akuma. Ryu and Akuma face-off, with Ryu taking a severe beating at first, at one point getting impaled through the chest by one of Akuma's punches.

In the end, however, Ryu's power of good overcomes Akuma's Satsui no Hadou, and in the end, Akuma is vanquished, never to return again. Fast forward to a few weeks after the fight, where Ken arranges a match between Ryu and Alex who is also seeking to become a true fighterand it is here where our story ends, with the hero Ryu challenging Alex to a fight. Ryu is an orphan boy who is raised by a martial arts master named "Gouken" in the mountains of Japan after he was saved by Gouken from a burning store that Akuma started when Ryu's mother was killed.

Throughout his childhood, Gouken teaches Ryu the virtues of honor, respect of life, and compassion as a person and a warrior. To train to be the best he could be, but not to ever forsake his humanity for victory and power, a battle which Ryu is constantly fighting within his own mind and spirit. During a training exercise with Gouken's friend Retsuthe young Ryu loses control of his inhibitions after losing a sparring match, succumbing to the evil possession of the Satsui no Hado and savagely attacking Retsu with a ferocious punch that knocks him off his feet.

Ryu would have continued assaulting Retsu if not for Gouken restraining his pupil. Later on another boy joins him at Gouken's dojo: Ken Masters, the son of a wealthy American businessman who sent him overseas to learn mental discipline under Gouken's teachings. The two train closely as friends to develop their own unique approaches to Gouken's teachings; Ryu keeping his style-focused and devout to the way he was taught and Ken adding his own creative and unpredictable spin to the form.

As Ryu reaches adulthood, he decides to travel out from the temple by this point Ken had also left Gouken's dojo to become the United States martial arts champion and continue his training on his own by traveling the world to find strong warriors to test his strength against.

These travels eventually bring him to the World Warrior tournament, an unsanctioned martial arts competition that draws the most worthy fighters the world over to compete to fight the champion, the Muay Thai King Sagat. Ryu successfully advances to the finals of the competition but is bested in the concluding battle.

Following the bout, his darker instincts once again manifest and he delivers a Metsu Shoryuken against Sagat, leaving a massive gash across the fighter's chest. From the shadows, M. Bison, the leader of Shadaloo, watches the match, taking notice of Ryu's dark power. Upon returning from Thailand to Japan, Ryu is horrified to find that his master had been murdered, the calling card being a large "Sky Ten " symbol being painted in Gouken's blood in the temple wall.

Ryu, burning with rage, and a desire for revenge, goes to Ken, now living in San Francisco with his fiancee, Eliza. He tells Ken that their Master was killed by an unknown person, only for Ken to be shocked by this news, he lets Ryu stay with him in his house, that night, they were being watched on footage by a Shadaloo assassin, as they return home for a dinner at night, he has a dream about the time he first saw Akuma all those years ago, Gouken defeated him, but refused to take his life, Akuma leaves them both, telling Gouken he will regret not killing him, Ryu wakes up from his dream, thinking to himself that Akuma might have something to do with the murder since he had the same symbol on his back.

He tells Ken that he needs his help to try and find Akuma in Japan, he goes with Ryu in his Jet, the next morning, they went to visit the temple they trained in, unknown to them, they were still being followed by Shadaloo, that night, Ryu begins to have a nightmare as he is losing control of himself, and brutally beating Ken. As he throws him near a wall, he then performs a Metsu Hadoken and blowing up the top of the temple, he wakes up in fear and finds out that he did make a hole through the wall, he starts to ponder that something is wrong with him.

He is visited by Sagat the next day, telling him that Bison wants to turn him into a slave of Shadaloo by controlling his mind, and tells Ryu to leave the temple, as he and Ken go to a shrine while waiting for Interpol agents to help them. The sky begins to turn red as Akuma comes from the forest. He tells Akuma that he murdered his own brother, Akuma told him that Gouken was just an opponent who was beneath him, he told Ryu that Gouken was unfit to teach, and was unable to devote him completely to perfection, in rage by his words, Ryu and Ken attack him, Akuma dodges both of their attacks with his Ashura Senku and throws both Ryu and Ken into the air.

As Ryu watches Ken get thrown into a dojo, he rushes to Akuma for combo attacks and performs a Hadoken at him, Sakura sees the chaos behind the tree, and go to attack Akuma, only for her to get hit by him in a ruthless manner as she hits a tree and getting knocked out, Ryu gets angry at the fact that Akuma would attack a teenager in a ruthless fashion, Akuma told him that he could learn from her.

Akuma gets the upper hand as he uses combo attacks on him. Ryu gets possessed by the Satsui no Hado and goes for an attack that he dodges but leaves a hole in the ground.

Cultivated Beauty - S.C., Eternity V - Various - Leima Dance (CD), Wij Zijn Gezworen Kameraden - Francis Bay - De Reuze Vlaamse Kermis (Vinyl, LP, Album), Jingle - Houseband - Houseband (CDr, Album), Untitled - DJ Grinch* - Uprock Sonata (CDr), If You Could See Me Now (Loving Arms) - Rosetta Stone (2) - If You Could See Me Now (Loving Arms) (V, Tribalia - Various - Leima Dance (CD), Hey Ma - Various - Hot Joints (CD), Tortola Mountain - Thomas Morton - Caribbean Escape (Vinyl, LP), Folget Der Heißgeliebten - Various - Unvergängliche Stimmen (CD), In De Hemel Is Geen Bier - Dorus - De 30 Grootste Successen Van Dorus (Vinyl, LP), Allegro Moderato - Schubert* / Mozart* - The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy - Symphony No. 8, Jij Bent Zo Lief - Eddy Romy - 10 Jaar Eddy Romy (Vinyl, LP)

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